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We specialize in decorating family homes, recreational properties and rentals (Airbnb). From one-hour consultations to full-service interior decorating, we provide options to help you achieve your design goals. Our flat-fee pricing structure offers transparency on your investment. 


  • Room Design - if you fail to plan, you plan to fail…a well designed room always starts out with a design concept based on your needs, style preferences and how you live in your space

  • Furniture Planning - recommendations on what pieces to buy, and where to place them in a room

  • Sourcing -  finding the right pieces for your home can feel overwhelming, we can help navigate your search and also give you access to our trade vendors 

  • Styling - Window treatments, artwork, plants, textiles and decorative accents are all elements that help to make a home look stylish. We select the perfect accessories to give your space a curated and polished look.

  • Photoshoot Preparation - let us help you capture beautiful photos by booking us ahead of a photoshoot. We will bring over styling accessories and make adjustments to each room, ensuring that it photographs beautifully.



For the busy homeowner who appreciates a home that is beautifully furnished and styled by a professional. Whether it’s one room or several, we use our tried and true 12-step decorating process to select, source, receive, deliver, install and style the elements that turn a house into a home. Every full-service project begins with an in-home decorating consultation to discuss your needs and determine the scope of work. Based on this meeting, a flat-fee estimate will be created for the project. Book a complimentary 15-minute discovery call to see if we might be a good fit for your design project!


Flat fee based on scope of work



For clients wanting some guidance and help with their design challenges but not interested in Full-Service Interior Decorating. The 10 hour a la carte package is a collaborative approach to completing your home decorating project. Together we will identify your challenges/needs and then work together to achieve your design goals. Whether you are looking for someone to shop with you, help you select furniture for a room or style your bookcases, use the 10 hours however you wish. Additional hours may be purchased as needed.


$1500 +tax



During our in-home consultation, we will walk through your space together and discuss your pain points and design challenges. You can ask advice on room design, furniture placement, sourcing and any other design-related questions you have. We will share our ideas and make recommendations on how to move your project forward. A design assistant will take detailed notes which will be shared to you via email.

For clients outside our service area, we offer a virtual 1-hour consultation. The format is the same as our in-home option, but without the summary notes.


In-Home Consultation $250 +tax

Virtual Consultation $150 +tax

Full-Service Decorating Process

Over the years we have developed a 12-step system of project management that we follow for our full-service decorating projects. For specific details on our process, email us ( for a copy of our information guide.

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