Why I Love Throw Pillows

Last week I introduced the Grand Re-opening of my Etsy Store – Little Nest Design Shop! This has been something that I have been working towards for some time now.

It’s so nice when you set a goal for yourself and then you make it happen! Of course I had to throw a little celebration! As I talked about in last week’s post, I invited all the ladies I could think of over for a little afternoon tea party.

Today I wanted to talk about why it is that I love throw pillows so much! Because I do indeed love them. If truth be told, we probably have too many of them in our home and my husband and kids are not as enthusiastic about them as me.

We have throw pillows in our family room, our living room and all of our bedrooms.

Throw pillows are a pretty integral part of my decorating process and here are 8 reasons why I love them so much!

1.They add instant style

The quickest way to take your couch or bed from drab to fab, is to add some pillows. Take a look at this sad picture of my bare couch:

And now check it out with the addition of throw pillows!

Pretty drastic difference right? Throw pillows add a finishing touch to a room and make it look pulled together, like adding accessories to your outfit.

2.They provide Color, Texture and Pattern

You might wonder why it’s important to have these elements incorporated into your decor. In addition to the style factor mentioned above, what makes a room interesting is the layering of textures, patterns and colors. Throw pillows can easily tick off all of these boxes! This is currently my favorite pattern:

I love these yellow pillows for the color, but because they are velvet they also provide texture! 2 birds 1 stone!

Another favorite texture I tend to use are these cable knit pillow covers:

I have been coveting the Magnolia Home pillows at Pier 1, but find them a little pricey so I haven’t yet pulled the trigger. But they are beautiful and add texture.

Mixing color, pattern and texture and layering it into your home decor is the secret to a well decorated and pulled together room.

3.They can make a dramatic change to your space

If you are wanting to change up the style in your home or embrace a certain trend, throw pillows are a great way to do this. You can see how different the same couch can look with the addition of different pillows.

What I love about zippered slipcovers, like the ones that I make, is that in seconds you can recover an old pillow that no longer reflects your style

I have a pair of floral pillows that I scored years ago from Homesense. The pillows themselves are in great shape, but I was getting a bit tired of the pattern. I covered them with the golden yellow velvet covers from Ikea and the transformation was instant, and cost me $9.99 a pillow…you can’t beat that, which leads to my next point…

4.They are inexpensive

For a frugalista like me, this is a very important factor in my love of throw pillows. There are so many choices when it comes to inexpensive pillows and as I already mentioned they offer big impact but don’t have to cost a lot. You get serious bang for your buck!

When it comes to sourcing inexpensive throw pillows, my favorite places to look are Ikea, Structube and Homesense. I have an upcoming blog post about my favorite Ikea cushion covers. There are so many good ones that I am dedicating a whole post to them!

5.They are versatile

No matter your style, whether you are mid-century modern, contemporary, traditional, Boho- there is a throw pillow out there for everyone! There are so many options and so many places to shop for them – arguably there are TOO many choices! With so many shapes, sizes and colors, throw pillows are a really reliable way to style a space.

Mudcloth pillows are having a serious moment right now, and they are a great example of the Boho style that I find myself crushing on. They are such a beautiful addition to any space! The one below comes from another Etsy store called My Mercantile Shop. This shop is owned by another local North Vancouver mama and it is worth checking out!

6.They are cozy

Throw pillows aren’t just another pretty face, they serve a purpose…just ask Lucy, lol.

But seriously, can you imagine having a nap on the couch without a pillow? It would be like trying to play hockey without skates. When I am kicking back on the couch watching TV, I need at least one pillow. And a blanket. And a glass of wine. I don’t ask for much!

7.You can easily change them up for the seasons

Now I realize that this might be considered a bit extreme to some, but for me my Christmas decor is not complete until I have pulled out my collection of seasonal pillows!

Last Christmas I made these flannel covers and they were both festive and cozy!

8.They can add an element of fun

I often find myself drawn to home decor with words or quotes. This is a great way to express your personality or advertise your family values. This pillow is from Homesense and is a good example of a popular quote:

I think I might need this pillow, as this is for sure my mantra:

Gilmore Girls - First I drink the coffee Throw Pillow

So there you have 8 solid reasons why I believe no home is complete without a collection of throw pillows!

How do you feel about throw pillows? Do you love them as much as me? Do you go so far as to swap them out for the seasons?

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