What I’m Loving Lately #10

Hi friends,

It’s been quite a while since I have done a What I’m Loving Lately post! If you are new here, I periodically do these posts to share the scoop on my favorite shopping finds, things for the home, books, movies and TV shows. I just make a list of what I am loving and share it here with y’all. So lets dive in shall we?


First up is shoes and clothing. My biggest new love are these boots

I have been admiring these Aigle short rain boots  on others for some time, and then I discovered they had a fur lined version and I was really smitten! I got them for Christmas and have been wearing them on repeat every since. They are warm, water proof and super comfy to wear – what more can you ask for?

I think they look sleek and a bit “dressy”.  I especially love the little leather tabs on the backs. It’s all about the details!

The next thing to share is my new favorite brand of jeans…Pilcro and the Letterpress, the Anthropologie “house brand”.

In the summer, I had a gift card and decided to splurge on some nice jeans at anthro. I must have tried on 10 different styles/brands. As soon as I put the Pilcro ones on, I couldn’t believe how good they felt and I was sold. I was recently in the market for a pair of black jeans and picked up the ones above, and now I am 2 for 2! If you are in the market for some new jeans, give these a try!

One last item to tell you about is this cozy mock neck sweater. I tried it on a few weeks back after “petting” it on the display table. I decided to wait for it to go on sale and then purchased it. This is the 3rd sweater I have bought from Old Navy this year and I am so impressed with them. They wash nicely and don’t pill.

product photo


It took me a few weeks to re-style our family room after the holidays. We packed up all the Christmas decorations and then a few days later it was Sadie’s birthday which we hosted at our house. So holiday decor was replaced by balloons and happy birthday signs. And then I needed to take a beat! But this week I finally got inspired to put everything back together and play around with the mantle and bookcase styling. I paid a visit to one of my favorite local stores, Trims in Edgemont Village. They have the best, most realistic florals you have ever seen. I actually have a post coming up about this store and what I have purchased from them, but for today I just wanted to show you these Eucalyptus stems I bought for my favorite (Hearth & Hand) vase.

Because this vase is glass, it was important to me that these stems looked real…mission accomplished! They even feel real. I am just so in love with the way this arrangement looks on my coffee table.

I made a run for the border this week for a little Target/Trader Joes shopping. I picked up a few things for my family room which I am quite excited about. The first is this cute little throw pillow.

I was looking for a cream colored pillow with some texture, and of course Target didn’t disappoint! I keep moving it around to see where I like it best. Currently it is on our armchair, and I think Lucy approves!

I also picked up these two new baskets…

I wanted something cute to put on the lower shelf of our coffee table to corral magazines and photo albums.

The other thing that looks really cute on that lower shelf? Lucy…

For some reason this is one of her new favorite places to hang out…what a strange little doggie!


We got an instant pot for Christmas, and friends….I am in love with this thing! We cracked it open on New Year’s day, and I think we have used it almost every day since! I was trying to figure out where I would store it, but I haven’t wanted to put it away yet…it may just live permanently on my counter.

I can’t get over how fast this thing can cook stuff. One of our favorite dishes in the winter is beef stew, and this baby can produce delicious stew with tender chunks of beef and carrots in less than an hour. I have created a whole Pinterest Board of instant pot recipes, which you can click on and follow here.

The other new appliance we got for Christmas was a Ninja blender.

I make a smoothie every morning for breakfast and our old blender was not great. My mother in law bought us the Ninja and I am so impressed with it. My smoothie game is strong thanks to this thing!


So as I already mentioned, we have been on a major instant pot kick. I have turned out some really great dinners, but this pulled pork recipe was a real hit. Kallum was probably the biggest fan and had the leftovers as a bedtime snack! One thing I will mention is that I always use pork tenderloin for my pulled pork because I prefer this lean cut. It turns out perfect every time!


I just finished reading “The Couple Next Door” which I borrowed from my local library. I use the Goodreads app on my phone to keep a list of books I want to read and then when I am at the library I am able to quickly select a book. The newer and more popular books are not usually available, but I just put them on hold…good things come to those who wait!