Wall Decor DIY

Hello friends,

Today I wanted to pop in and share a DIY home decor idea with you.  Sometimes figuring out how to decorate your walls with out breaking the bank can be a challenge.

Back in the Spring I did a post about some creative and budget friendly ways to decorate your walls, which you can read by clicking here.  Today I wanted to share a really easy DIY.  If you have a blank wall  in your home that you can’t figure out what to do with, this might be worth a try!

The inspiration for this post came from my participation in the Vancouver Home Show a few weeks back. As you may already know, I signed on to do the home show super last minute and had to pull together a 10×10 foot space in 2 days.

The biggest challenge was that I needed some advertising and wall decor for my booth. The “walls” are actually curtains that hang from rods so whatever I hung from there couldn’t be too heavy. Budget was also an issue because just being part of the Home Show was already really expensive. I remembered one of my favorite blog posts from Chris Loves Julia, where she took photos of her little girls and then blew them up as engineering prints…

How awesome does that look? And take a wild guess at what these oversize engineering prints cost? The prints themselves cost Julia $2.00…yep, you read that right! She then framed them using large Ribba frames from Ikea that cost $24.99. So two oversize pieces of art that take up a whole wall AND look amazing AND tell the family’s story….for less that $60? Sign me up! Chris and Julia went on to have baby girl #3 so they updated this project:

It turns out Ikea doesn’t have the walnut veneer frames anymore, but Julia shares a new source for the updated frames she uses.

There are definitely some things to take into consideration if you are going to print photos as engineering prints, and I recommend giving the tutorials, linked above, a read beforehand. For example, this works best with black and white images, and is not recommended for color. This creative use of engineering prints has always stuck with me and I have been wanting to try it for years. When I was trying to figure out how to come up with some signage for the Home Show, I had an “ah-ha” moment and decided to give it a try!

I went on to Canva and made several posters to have printed. I kept it simple and chose black font and my black logo. Canva is really user friendly and I was able to create these posters in about 10 minutes!

Then I took them off to Staples and had them printed in the largest available size – there were at least 3 sizes to choose from. Each print cost me $3.99. Such a deal! They were just what I needed for my booth.

Since then I have been wanting to try this as a piece of decor in my home. This week I got busy putting away my Halloween decor, and I thought it would be fun to frame the “let’s stay home” print from the home show and display it in my family room. I have had this frame from Restoration Hardware for years now and decided to give it some new life. The words fit into the matting perfectly so I decided to keep it.

I had some fun styling my mantle and came up with this little vignette, incorporating my new favorite hearth and hand vases, a watercolor print in black and white and a candle. I love the way the wood adds some warmth to all of the black and white going on.

I am so excited about this simple and cost effective DIY. I can think of so many other ways to use these prints.  If you would like to try and frame this print for yourself, just download this free printable, and take it to your local staples and have one printed off.

Just make sure you figure out which frame you are using first so you know what size to have this printed! If you print this out and use it in your home, I would love to see a picture of it and share it on my insta-stories! Just tag me @littlenestdesign on instagram or facebook. If you are struggling with boring walls and want some help injecting some personality into your space, email me or comment below!

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