Valentine's Day Styling

Happy weekend everyone! We woke up to snow here in Vancouver this morning which is always a novelty. My kids and dogs enjoy it the most I would say. Here are a few pics I snapped with my phone this morning...

It has definitely added some extra excitement to an already busy weekend! Tomorrow is Valentine's day, which has always been more about the kids here at our house. Then Monday is Family Day which is a stat holiday for us. I also have two "Ask a Decorator" consults lined up, although we may have to reschedule depending on the roads. All in all, a busy but fun weekend ahead!

This week I spent some time in my creative happy place - styling and photographing my home for Valentines Day - and I wanted to share my photos with you today!

First up I will share how I styled my Living Room Mantle for the holiday, and then I will show you the cute little "Valentine's wine and cheese for two" tablescape I put together!

Living Room Mantle

If you have been following me for any length of time, you probably know that I love styling my Living Room mantle for every season/holiday. With the white mantle, neutral wall color and big round mirror, it is the perfect blank slate for any occasion! I often keep the basic decor elements the same (a set of vases, candle holders and a stack of books) and then I can swap in/out seasonal accents and colors. Here is how I styled my mantle for Valentines Day:

I do love a seasonal garland and I ordered this string of felt balls from amazon. I didn't like the white string they came on, so I pulled them off and threaded them onto bakers twine instead...sometimes I can get a little caught up in the small details.

On one side of the mantle, I added some soft pink pillar candles to my new white candle holders and placed a pink vase with some pretty stems on a stack of books.

On the other side, I placed this beautiful set of vases with some soft pink stems, all from Urban Barn. The rattan votive holder is an older purchase from Target, I love the warm texture it adds!

This is my favorite room in the house and I love this mantle so much!

Valentine's Wine & Cheese for Two

A few months ago, my friend Alexis (an amazing photographer) launched an online shop called Maison Lea selling the most beautiful paper placemats. I had never heard of such a thing, but fell in love with them immediately and purchased this set. I think these are such a genius invention, and I can't wait until we can start having people over for dinner again!

Ever since I got these placemats into my hot little hands, I have been dreaming up a tablescape featuring these beauties. I had been gradually collecting items from around the house that I thought would coordinate. Over the last few days I started putting together this little scene...

What started out as some simple place settings spiraled out of control in the most delicious way! I couldn't help but add in a little charcuterie and some valentines treats...and wine..can't forget the wine!

The other thing that I added last minute were these beautiful flowers from Bloomier, an amazing online floral designer based out of West Van. The owner, Camillla, is so lovely and I reached out to her on Thursday to see if she had some flowers I could buy. I had purchased some hydrangeas from Whole Foods and they died within 24 hours of me buying them, and that is the second time this has happened to me. No more flowers from Whole Foods for this gal, I am annoyed and frustrated! Anyway, I was a tad desperate, once I get an idea in my head, it's hard for me to deviate and I REALLY wanted pretty flowers for this scene. Camilla did not disappoint, she was so kind to take time to help me out, I totally forgot this is probably the busiest weekend of the year for her! I forgot to mention this fun fact, last Thanksgiving I won a flower arrangement from Bloomier as part of an instagram giveaway...I was thrilled! I mean look at this arrangement!

Anyway, after a quick visit to Camilla, I had the perfect arrangement of flowers for my little tablescape, and I think you will agree, they totally complete the look!

Well this is turning into a very long post, and if I don't cut it off, I will be publishing it on Feb 20th which will kinda defeat the purpose! If you liked any of my styling ideas, make sure to pin them for later!

So with that I am wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day and for my fellow Canadians, also a Happy Family Day!