Tween Bedroom Decorating Plan

Awhile back I shared a post about my daughter Sadie’s bedroom and her desire for a room makeover. If you missed that post you can read about it here.  But for a quick review, when we moved into our house 5 years ago, Sadie was super into Princesses…now that she is 10, not so much! So we have been talking about ways to update her room and make it a more “Tween friendly” space.

This process prompted me to write a post all about why it’s best to have a decorating plan when you are doing any kind of re-decorating.

I talked about the 5 steps I try to follow when creating a plan, which you can read all about by clicking here, but the Coles Notes version of it is this:

Today I want to walk you through those steps as they pertain to Sadie’s room makeover, so lets dig in shall we?

Sadie’s Decorating Design Plan

As I mentioned in the previous post, when Sadie asked if we could redecorate her room, I was really excited! Of course I love me a room makeover, and it’s so cool when your kids share your interests. When we sat down to talk about what she wanted to do with her room, it quickly became clear that we were not on the same page when it came to this decorating project. She started talking about making her room bigger and gutting her closet and turning in into a lounge with a couch. And then there was the furniture. She wanted new stuff … bigger stuff to accommodate this room addition she was planning! While I love her ability to dream big…I realized quite quickly that I had some major expectations to manage.  I broke the bad news to her that a. there was no way to make her room bigger and b. we would not be buying new furniture.

I told her that what we could do was change her wall color as well as her bedding and accessories. I’m not going to say she wasn’t disappointed about not having a closet lounge (where did she come up with this idea anyway?) but she was able to get over it and move on pretty quickly. Which takes us to…

Step 1 – Gather Inspiration

We started talking about her ideas and what colors she liked. Teal, aquamarine and purple were top of her list, but she also mentioned liking the idea of lots of white with pops of color and also said she wanted to incorporate black polka dots.This was all sounding pretty good to me! The last time we were at Target, I noticed that the Pillowfort brand had come out with some new bedding. I absolutely love this line of kids decor because it is very on trend but super budget friendly…two of the reasons why I can’t help myself when it comes to Target! I have used Pillowfort bedding both in Stella’s room and at our cabin in the kids bunk room. Anyway, we jumped online and quickly landed on this comforter set:

It’s called the “Floral Jungle” bedding set and Sadie and I both loved it instantly! With the colorful florals on one side and the black and white spots on the other, it was giving us both heart eyes! Inspiration photo? Check! Next came:

Step 2 – Create a Color Scheme

I have recently learned how to use the website Picmonkey to create a color palette from a photo or online image. Using a photo from the Target website I was able to create this:

Sadie said that she would love to paint her walls white or a soft lilac color like this one, it’s called “Spring Lilac” from Benjamin Moore:

I love the idea of doing most of the walls in the soft lilac but then doing an accent wall in a bold color like this:

I fell in love with this bedroom when flipping through the Pottery Barn Kids spring catalog…Talk about an accent wall! With the paneling, the high shelf, the contrasting color and all the greenery, this bedroom has got it going on!

Next, it’s time for …

Step 3- Deciding what stays in the room and what goes

I came up with a list of what we are keeping:

  1. bed – although I have been toying with the idea of selling her current bed, and buying a new frame

  2. dresser

  3. desk

  4. desk chair

  5. light fixture

What we will be getting rid of:

  1. Princess Wallpaper

  2. Canvas Painting

  3. white wall shelf

  4. curtains and Roman shade

  5. crown wall hooks

  6. existing bedding

Step 4 – Determining if there are any repairs to be made or painting to be done

As I mentioned in the previous post, the days are numbered for the pretty Princess Toile wallpaper.

I am going to have to figure out how to get it off the walls which I am not looking forward to! Other than that, this room is in fairly good shape. So for this part of the decorating plan, the to-do list is as follows:

  1. remove wallpaper

  2. take down shelves and wall decor

  3. repair holes

  4. re-paint room

  5. hang new window shades

Step 5 – Shopping List

In case you hadn’t guessed, this is of course my favorite part of any decorating project! I can get really excited about the shopping part and go a little crazy, so it is really important for me to follow the other steps first so that I can approach the shopping part in a somewhat controlled and orderly fashion! So here is a list of things that we will be shopping for to complete this room:



Wall decor


Having Gone through these steps and creating a decorating plan is going to be so helpful for executing this project and keeping it on track! I will leave you with this digital mood board I created on Picmonkey.

It’s so awesome to have a visual representation of what our design direction is! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them for me below!