The Vancouver Fall Home Show

Hello dear sweet readers!

Wow, have I had a whirlwind week! Tuesday I was scrolling instagram, as you do, and came across someone advertising the Vancouver Fall Home Show.

I thought to myself, “that’s something I should check out and possibly participate in next year”…so I went onto the website and filled out an application to be a possible exhibitor at an upcoming show. Then I continued along with my to-do list and put it out of my mind. Well 20 minutes later, my phone rings and it was a lovely lady named Amber calling to tell me they still had a few spaces for the show and did I want a booth? For the upcoming show that was 2 days away…As you can imagine, that threw me into quite a tizzy and a million thoughts were racing through my mind! Could I pull a whole exhibit together in 2 days?  Did I have enough pillows and candles to display? The last show I did got rained out and sales were downright depressing…but that meant I had supply!

It was rather insane getting myself ready for the show, and because I have never participated in an event of this size before, I was extremely stressed. I had to supply my own 10×10 floor covering, and Amber said that it could be anything from the event center carpet (eeww) to foam tiles (um, not on brand) to something that I supplied myself (now we’re talking). I knew I was going to pull some furniture from my house and that I wanted my booth to look like a living room. These chairs are so great because they are super portable and hold lots of pillows.

I also decided to bring my favorite sofa table, which was not so portable, but perfect for display.

I thought about buying a cheap area rug from Ikea, but then I was like “What will I do with it after?”. I knew I wouldnt want to put a carpet in my house that had been walked on by hundreds of strangers. It seemed like a waste. And then I had an ah-ha moment. What about some vinyl planks or tiles? I had just seen a blog post … by who, I wish I could remember, about a makeover using vinyl. I was so impressed with how stylish it looked in the blog post, so it got the ole wheels turning! The day before the show, I went to the End of the Roll in North Vancouver and this rockstar named Maureen gave me the genius solution to use a roll of vinyl flooring that looks like wood. You guys, this stuff looks so realistic!

They cut it to 10×10 at the store and rolled it up for me so it was super portable. All I had to do was unroll it and voila, hardwood “looking” floor that is waterproof and easy to clean. The best part is that I have been cleaning out our garage and making space out there for Sadie to have a place to dance and the boys to get a weight lifting bench. This vinyl floor mat will be the perfect way to cover the cold concrete floor and then I can re-use it for future shows. Win win! Don’t you just love it when things just seem to come together?

So I worked like a madwoman to set up my display, which I staged in said newly cleaned out garage. That came together pretty easily because staging is my jam. What I spent the majority of my time working on was the creation of marketing and promotional materials for display.  I had to tweak my existing business cards, and then create signage, price tags and something to hang on the curtained “walls” around my booth. Which brings me to something else I am excited about…these signs …

I created these prints using Canva, which I am obsessed with, and then took the files to staples and had them printed out as engineering prints. I am going to talk more about this in an upcoming post, because y’all, these prints cost 3.99 each and I can’t get over how good they look! I have many ideas about how you could use this to DIY affordable wall art in your home!

Thursday was set up and day 1 of the show. My car was packed to the roof, and thank goodness for my amazing sister who helped me schelp all of my stuff to my booth.

Then she went home and took care of my dog, kids and messy house! Jenn you are the best sister a girl could ask for and I feel thankful for you every day! I certainly couldn’t have pulled this off without you!

In a matter of hours, I had the furniture arranged, my posters hung and my products priced and displayed. Just in time for the show opening at 4pm. Here are some shots of what my booth looks like!

I have done 3 days at the Home Show and have two more to go. Today I was there for…gulp…9 hours!

It is so fun meeting people, networking with fellow industry professionals and being part of something so exciting! The response and feedback I have gotten so far has been really positive and I am so happy I decided to make this happen!

If you have any questions or comments, please write them to me below. If you are a Vancouver local, and want more information about my pillows, candles or decorating services I would love to chat with you!

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