Simple Valentine’s Day Styling

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Hope you are having a great weekend! The sun is finally shining here in Vancouver today, which is a nice change from the rain. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I can’t believe that it’s less than a week away. In our family, Valentine’s Day is something that we celebrate as a family. My husband and I cherish our date nights, but we usually try and do something just after the actual holiday together. February 14th is all about the kiddos at our house!

I love Valentine’s Day decor, I am all about the pink and red color palette and the heart shapes everywhere. I am a little short on time this year, so I challenged myself to style our dining room table using grocery store items. It was a fun and creative thing to do this week, and I can’t wait to show you the results!

I used linens and dishes I had on hand and then purchased some items from the grocery store from two categories….


The first thing I put in my shopping cart were these beautiful red, pink and white tulips…

They were a pretty good deal at our local grocery store (Save – On) at $14 for the whole bunch. Sadly I bought them on Thursday, and they were already opening up by the time I was trying to arrange them this morning.

Whenever I buy a bunch of tulips, I usually take a push pin and prick a little hole in the stem right under the flower and this prevents them from drooping. I didn’t do this right away when I bought this bunch, so the flowers were a little saggy for my photoshoot today. Droopy or not, I still think they look really beautiful in my white pitcher and they are the perfect burst of color!


I just love sweets and treats of all kinds, and I think Valentine’s Day candy makes is the perfect decor! I hit up the bulk section of our grocery store and bought candy that I thought was “pretty”. Of course I had to get some cinnamon hearts…

I also got red and white jelly beans, red foil chocolate hearts, red heart jube jubes and some candy hearts.

Next up was the bakery, where I got some cute red and white cupcakes. As much as I love baking, the name of the game for this post was “simple and easy” so that means store bought treats! I think cupcakes are just so pretty.

I also bought some raspberries and strawberries because…nature’s candy! Do your kids fall for that line, cause mine sure don’t!

I used all of these store bought treats to make a little Valentine’s Day dessert Charcuterie…how cute is this?

It’s funny because my youngest daughter was home and playing a game on the computer in the family room when I was assembling this beauty…I kept waiting for her to turn around and see the bounty of sugar, but it wasn’t until I was about to start photographing that she noticed. And then she came running!

I have talked about making dessert charcuterie’s before, (I wrote about how to make one in this post) it is so easy and always a crowd pleaser!

Some fruit, nuts, chocolates, candy and pastries, and BAM you have an adorable and drool-worthy plate of goodness. I have made dessert charcuterie a few times now, and they are always a hit! It’s one of those things that LOOKS really impressive but requires little effort…I call that a win win! Here is a little cheat sheet if you want to attempt this for yourself, you’re welcome!

The last thing that I bought from the grocery store that I wanted to highlight are these cute little bottles of pink lemonade…these were a bit of a splurge, but I think they are so adorable!

Valentine’s Tablescape

So now let’s see how I used these grocery store items to style my Valentine’s Day Table!

The flowers and the dessert charcuterie are the focal points of my table…I mean really I have a hard time taking my eyes off all of that sugar, lol! I just love these two elements together and I think they bring such s sense of whimsy and fun to the room, not to mention color!

Here is another angle, and how about those flowers! Even though they are drooping, they are still so beautiful!

I bought this cute little side plate from Pottery Barn a few weeks back, and because I was trying to be frugal, I only bought one…it’s so soft and pretty!

For our actual family dinner on Valentine’s Day, I won’t be giving such generous bowls of sweet hearts at each place setting, but I just thought these were so dang cute! They really take me back to my childhood!

I hope you have fun celebrating this holiday of love, in whatever way that is for you in this season of life! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Thanks so much for reading,


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