Simple Halloween Styling

The excitement is building around here, only 4 more sleeps before Halloween! I feel like this holiday crept up on me this year. Between having a virus linger in our house for weeks and my trip to Dallas for the Bloom Bash and Silobration, October has been a blur! With only 10 days left until Halloween, I made a decision to keep the decorating simple and to just try and enjoy the process with the kids. For a type A perfectionist like myself, this is not an easy task! We managed to get the house in the Halloween spirit and I thought I would share some photos of our decorations with you today!

Last weekend we kicked into full Halloween mode …we hauled our bins of Halloween Decorations up from the basement and battled the crowds at Party City to purchase costumes. Luckily both of my girls had a pretty clear idea of what they wanted to be, and Kallum is too old to go trick or treating this year (sniffle sniffle) so he didn’t need a new costume. Stella wanted to go with a “Day of the Dead” theme, which seems popular this year.

Day of the Dead Costume from

Sadie decided to be “Miss Archer”, which is basically a dress with a faux fur hood and is meant to be what a female Archer would wear? Not sure I totally get the concept of this costume but Sadie is thrilled about it so that’s all that matters!

Miss Archer Costume from Party City

We are going to attempt to make our own bow and arrows because I always think its fun to try and make some part of the costume. Stella and I whipped out my glue gun earlier this week and we made her a floral headpiece/veil thing to go with her costume.  In my ideal world, we would make our own costumes by hand and let our imaginations run wild! But I am a realist and I know that there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

Last year before I put away our Halloween decorations, I purged things that I no longer loved, and so when I opened up our bins this year, I was happy to greet every item as I pulled it out. Marie Kondo (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up) would have been proud of me! There was alot of “sparks of joy” going on! It’s so fun re-discovering holiday items after they have been in hiding for a year! This black cat that I got years ago at Walmart is always a favorite.

It’s such a scruffy thing, but the kids always gravitate to it. Probably because they know it’s the closest we will ever get to having a cat for a pet! #dogsrulecatsdrool. This year Stella dug this little gem out and was so excited to try and figure out it’s place of honor. Then I put the girls to work sticking these paper mice and rats on our stairs.

As we were sticking these little paper rodents all around the house, I realized that our baseboards are in serious need of a coat of paint. Something else to add to the never-ending list of things that need attention around here!

The theme of our decorations this year was to keep it simple, especially because we were getting pretty close to Halloween! Our mantles are always the focal point of our holiday decor. In the front living room, we went with an orange and black, classic Halloween color combo. As I started styling our mantles, I realized that we missing a little something. I set off to Michael’s for some “Intentional Holiday Decor”.

And what I mean by that was that I went shopping with a clear vision for what I needed. I took photos of the areas that I was shopping for and had an idea of what I needed. Michael’s is a bit of a danger zone for me, I get so excited and inpsired when I am there, that I often come home with supplies for a project that I have no time to do, and then the supplies sit and collect dust!  I was pretty proud of myself for staying on task this time and having the photos on my phone to consult while shopping was a big help! The “October 31” sign was one of my purchases! Everything was majorly discounted so I got some really great decorations for very little $$! Michael’s for the win!

This ceramic orange pumpkin was another Michael’s purchase – not only is it cute, but I was looking for some tall items to incorporate into my existing decor and this checked that box!

Speaking of height, I tossed this faux fern into this mosaic tile candle holder and turned it into a planter instead and I love it like this! I picked up the pumpkin lights below, a few years back at Michael’s. They make a cute little trio!

A styling rule I try and follow is to group things together in three’s when creating a vignette. This was especially important here because it is on the opposite end of the table from the above trio of pumpkin lights, so this keeps things balanced!

This white ceramic skull is one of my favorite decorations…every year I place it under this glass cloche and I love the way it looks!

This little mummy dish felt complete after I filled it up with some eyeballs!

There are a lot of “faux” items that you see in my Halloween styling this year-ferns, pumpkins, spiders and webs. However, in the name of authenticity, I did leave the actual real spider webs I found on the front of my fireplace intact, they blend in quite nicely I think, can you spot them?

In the family room off the kitchen, I went with black and white with pops of color for our design concept, and it’s the scheme I use a lot around my home and even in my clothing choices!

I put the orange mini lights across the mantle, but it didn’t look quite right so I added some grey cheesecloth, again from Michael’s, on top of them.

I instantly liked this much better! You can still see the lights, but the ugly cord is hidden!

This white ceramic pumpkin candle holder called my name, and at 80% off, there was no question it was coming home with me!

This is probably the simplest (cough, cough, laziest) bit of Halloween Decor in my house. I just added a couple of black plastic spiders to this candle display that sits out year round. I love these candle holders, and they are made by a talented friend of mine, Alexis of Steelwood Design. She makes amazing stuff, and you can check out her website here.

Don’t these look awesome crawling around in the spanish moss?

This tall black haunted house candle holder was also a recent Michael’s score and it is also one of my favorite things. Another example of tall mantle decor , see how on-task I was during my “Intentional” shopping trip? The apothecary jar is a usual fixture on this mantle, but it usually holds seashells. I swapped those out for some bones, and bam, instant Halloween decoration!

These faux pumpkins were purchased last year for a Halloween craft that I intended to do with the kids, but then we were too busy so the craft was never completed! At least they help to provide those pops of color I was talking about!

I got the cute “Happy Halloween” garland in the dollar section of Target this year, and this was the jumping off point for the decorations in this room.

I liked it in here because it works well with my colorful chairs. And look at my faithful assistant, napping on the job as usual!

I had to share this photo also, as it is another example of using existing decor and with the simple addition of some fake cob webs and spiders, you turn it into a Halloween decoration!

I really enjoy a good play on words, so of course I love me some “Scaries”! Classic rookie mistake buying chocolate before Halloween…good thing no one is counting how many of these I have had!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a tour of our decorations! I wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!

Thanks for reading!

xo, Kerri