Our Outdoor Living Space

Summer is hands down my favorite season, probably because I truly adore being outside. When the gorgeous sunny weather finally arrives in our rainy neck of the woods, I want to soak in every possible minute of it! My favorite thing in the world is to start my day with a cup of coffee outside, listening to the birds and snuggling with Lucy.

A few months ago, we started a backyard renovation project, which I chatted about here, if you want to read the backstory. We purchased our home 5 years ago now, and we gutted the inside and made it feel like a brand new house. Unfortunately that tapped out the budget, and it has taken us awhile to be able to afford to give the outside any love. This Spring, we were finally able to finance some upgrades. We didn’t spend a ton, but we made some simple changes that have resulted in a cozy, comfy outdoor living space and I couldn’t be more excited about it!! Here is a picture of what our backyard looked like before:

Drumroll please, here is a picture of what it looks like now:

Here is a list of the major changes we made- and when I say “we” I actually mean our rockstar contractor Rob! He is an amazing one-man show, and did all of the work by himself.

We (Rob) tore out the old deck, put new support posts under the glass overhang, poured concrete to extend the deck area, tore out the old fence and replaced it, built a new back step off the glass door and replaced the broken gutters. There were some other things that Rob did as part of this project, but those were the major esthetic changes. I can’t say enough about what a great job Rob did and how easy he was to work with. He was also totally reliable and hardworking which I don’t think is always easy to find in the construction industry. For any interested locals, feel free to reach out for Rob’s contact info. Now lets get to all of the photos I have to share with you today! Basically the back patio has been divided into 3 areas. Right outside the sliding door is the “outdoor kitchen” which really just means the BBQ will live here. I am attempting to grow a little herb garden and have arranged the planters on the back step.

I tend to have a black thumb, so I am really hoping I can keep these little guys alive!

I have had this little black metal table for ever and thought it would be really useful outside. Doesn’t it make a cute little drink station?

San Pellegrino has come out with these new flavored iced teas and they are really delicious and super cute!

The biggest thing we have gained through this backyard reno is an outdoor dining space. I found this dining set at World Market and I am really in love with it. The funny thing is I drove to World Market to buy a different table but it wouldn’t fit in my car, so I ended up with this one:

and I really love the way it looks. The bench seating is great for entertaining!

I am looking forward to hosting many dinners outside on this patio. When I was at Walmart this past week, I came across these cross-back metal dining chairs, and knew they would be a perfect addition to the space. They were a really great deal at $28 per chair!

The third and final “zone” on our back patio is this little sitting area:

We moved our outdoor sectional sofa out of this space because there wasn’t quite enough room for it. While at Target, I found the black above loveseat on clearance and I love the way it looks! I hope to add some side chairs and a coffee table to this area, but I have found it really hard to buy summer furniture right now, I swear everything was sold out/cleared out by the first week of July. I have learned not to rush in and buy something just to fill the space, I would rather wait for the right pieces and just make do for now.

In the meantime I tried out these little stools, which is at least a good spot to rest a drink on…

and look at this cute little cactus candle I found at World Market:

I also scored these cool wicker lanterns there. I so wish we had a World Market in Canada!

And one last favorite World Market item to share with you, is this blush colored tassle outdoor pillow:

This little corner has become my new favorite spot. I start my day out here with a cup of coffee and then I cozy up out here when the kids have gone to bed. I am so excited to have this outdoor living space complete!

So there you have it, our completed backyard patio! We still have some landscaping to do around the grass and in the flower beds, but having this functional outdoor living space is a serious win in my books! Thanks so much for stopping by to check it out!

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