Organized Gift Wrapping

Does anyone else feel like a holiday tornado has ripped through their home during the month of December? A much as I love the holidays, it sure does turn the house upside down. With all of the baking, shopping and gift wrapping going on, it doesn't take long for mess to completely take over! One of the things that helps me to stay on top of the holiday mess is this portable gift wrapping organizer.

In my fantasy home, I would have a beautiful office with a gift wrapping station a la Martha Stewart. But that is not my reality, my office is in our living room and I have no place to create a dedicated spot to wrap presents.

A few years ago I purchased a canvas gift wrapping organizer and it has been a godsend.

Today I want to share the details of why I love this product and how I use it to make Christmas gift wrapping easier and less messy!

There are a few different wrapping organizers out there, but this one is my favorite for a few reasons :

It is compact - in my opinion its a perfect size and it's easy to store. You can tuck it into a closet or under the bed.

It's Portable

"Have gift wrap, will travel"...when myself or one of the family members are wrapping a gift for someone, we take this gift wrapping organizer to a room where we can close a door and keep our gifts a secret!

Easy to organize

The other day I spent a few minutes re-organizing this baby and taking inventory of supplies we need for the wrapping frenzy that will be taking place this week.

This gift wrapping organizer has sections that make organizing your supplies very easy. The main part of it is designed to hold rolls of wrapping paper and then there is a divider to contain smaller items.

I like to use this spot to store ribbon, decorative items, scissors, and tape. Then there is a little pocket on the end where I keep scissors and pens.

On the top flap of the organizer, there are two large pockets with a velcro closure and I have gift bags and tissue paper in one, and sheets of peel-and-stick gift tags and blank Christmas cards in the other.


"Gift wrapping organizer - $ sanity - priceless!" This might be one of my favorite things about this product...the price tag! I can't even remember where I bought our particular organizer, but I know you can get them on Amazon or at the Container Store.

We have had this thing for years and when it is properly organized it saves you time but also money. How many times have you been unable to find something (like gift tags) so you run out to the store to buy more of them? (Please say it's not just me!) That actually happened before I reorganized my supplies, it was a hot mess and I had no idea what was in there, so I just kept buying more tags, bags and tissue. The main benefit of a well-organized space/item is that you can easily see what you have and what you need!

Well, now I need to get back to my Christmas wrapping! I always start out with good intentions to do a little wrapping each day, but I always end up leaving the bulk of it to the last minute! I hope you have found this post helpful, if you have any questions leave me a comment or send me an email to For more organizing tips, follow me on instagram or pinterest!

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

xo, Kerri