Online Retail Therapy

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Well, it’s the end of April and we are still sheltering in place. I must say, I am feeling a little stir crazy these days. While it’s not quite the same, I have been doing some online shopping these days. As convenient as this is, I do miss visiting the stores in person and actually seeing and touching things…does that sounds weird?

But alas, I don’t think I will be able to stroll the aisles of Anthropologie or any of my other favorites anytime soon.

Today for fun, I thought I would share my recent online purchases, just in case you miss shopping like I do and wanted a little online retail therapy!

I have to admit the bulk of my purchases have come from Amazon…man has this online powerhouse ever come through for us during this crisis! My order history has been a funny mix of food items, (like these sugar-free chocolate chips) household essentials and clothes for the family…mostly for me, but I did order Kallum a new Spring jacket that he loves!

Just because I'm organized like that, I will go through my recent online purchases by category.


I discovered the Amazon house brand ‘Daily Ritual” about a year ago now and have been impressed with my purchases so far. I just got this v-neck sweater in the mail this week, and it is going to the top of my rotation. It’s really soft and cozy and has a great fit.

I saw this cute graphic t-shirt on another lifestyle blogger and thought the price was right and the reviews were good so I ordered it, but it hasn’t arrived yet.


I don’t know about you but my yoga pants have never gotten so much use! My quarantine uniform mostly consists of something comfy on the bottom, and then a t-shirt/hoodie or sweatshirt combo on top. I am trying to remind myself to wear jeans every few days, they don’t lie to me like my yoga pants do!

Most days, comfort wins and I wanted to add a few more pairs of yoga/sweatpants to the mix. I have heard that these yoga pants feel just like the “Align” lululemon pants and the reviews are really good. I ordered them a few weeks ago and I am still waiting for them to arrive, so I will let you know what I think when I get them.

I also wanted a pair of thicker joggers for days when I want to fee a bit more cozy, so I ordered these.

The last pair of pants I ordered were these ones from Old Navy… I am calling these my “dressy sweatpants”.

A new pair of yoga pants, a new pair of fleecy jogger pants and a pair of “dressy” joggers…all of my bases are covered!

Pajamas & Slippers

I recently had to accept that it was time to retire my Minnetonka moccasin slippers, which I think I have had for a few years now. I ended up buying these ones and I love them.

They are just as cozy as my old ones, and so easy to slip on and off. I have already logged quite a few miles in these babies and they are holding up really well, I just have to keep them away from Ginger, our 10-month old puppy!

I wanted some new pajama pants, not because I needed them necessarily but because I am spending more time than usual in pajamas and I wanted to be wearing something that made me feel good! These were on sale at the Gap so I thought I would give them a try…they haven’t arrived yet, but fingers crossed they fit.

Bathing Suit

I was admiring this cute ruffle sleeve one-piece bathing suit on a few bloggers I follow…

Then I saw a similar style from the brand Cupshe on Amazon for a little less than half the price so I ordered it for our trip to Maui. It fit really well and I appreciated the lined bust area. This is definitely one of my new favorite bathing suits, and I look forward to wearing it this summer!

Bath & Beauty


A good friend of mine (hi Jen!) partnered with a good friend of hers (hi Karen!) and they developed an online beauty supply company called Next Level Beauty Supply. Their products are cruelty-free, vegan, non-toxic and just all around awesome. Jen was raving about the brand Voce back in the Fall, so I ordered some shampoo, conditioner and a volumizing mist.

I fell in love with these products right away. The shampoo and conditioner are perfect for my hair type (thin and fine) and the volumizing mist works wonders when I am styling my hair. I even brought it along with me to my last two salon appointments and asked my stylist to use it in my hair. This stuff smells so good, and a little goes a long way. I ordered the small 8 oz shampoo and conditioner and I just ran out a few weeks ago…I can’t get over how long it lasted! They are having a sale on the large size, which I just ordered, and I feel like it will last me at least a year!


My poor hands were in really bad shape a few weeks ago from all of the hand washing, but mostly the hand sanitizer I have been using so frequently. I ordered 2 bottles of the “Eczema Ease” hand lotion from Saje and it has been a lifesaver.

I have one bottle by the kitchen sink and the other on my desk. Not only has it helped my skin, but it smells sooooo good! If you click on