New Years Home Resolutions

To me, January is a time of renewal and new beginnings. It is also a time when we all have resolutions on our mind and we set our intentions for the year ahead. I love the idea of identifying habits I want to change and things I want to improve upon.

After the busy holiday season, I am always looking to organize, clean and refresh my home. Earlier this month, Wayfair reached out and invited me to take part in a blogging campaign called “Cozy and Clean 2019” and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I was extremely excited and honored to be included because I am a big fan of this on-line retailer.

I have purchased many items from Wayfair, both for myself and for client projects. As a matter of fact, it has become my go-to when I am sourcing anything home related because the options are plentiful and the prices fit any budget. Then you add free-shipping and excellent customer service to the mix and it is Wayfair for the win!

Today I thought I would share the New Year’s Home Resolutions I made for myself at the end of 2018 and how they realte to being Cozy and Clean in 2019!

I made two resolutions that apply to our home:

1.  Let go of things that no longer serve us, or do not spark joy (hello Marie Kondo!)

2. Finish decorating and styling one room before moving on to the next.

Being an interior decorator and blogger, I always have a thousand creative projects on my mind.  I have a habit of starting a room makeover and then getting sidetracked for whatever reason, and never fully completing the space. This “incomplete” feeling sometimes prevents me from truly enjoying and appreciating my home. It also makes it difficult for me to relax because my mind is like a hamster on a wheel, with ideas just circling around in my head.

I sat down the first week of January and went through my home room by room and made a list of what I needed to do in each space for it to feel “done”.  First up on my list is our Family Room. This is where we spend the majority of our time, and is also where, at the end of a long day, I collapse for an hour before bed and catch up on my favorite TV shows. I would love for this room to feel like a relaxing and cozy space instead of an on-going “to-do”list.

Last week, things were kind of in limbo and I hadn’t yet re-styled our bookcases or mantle after packing up the holiday decor. I was watching “This is Us” which is one of my favorite shows, but I swear to you I was having a hard time focusing on the show because I was mentally moving furniture around and styling the surfaces. Please tell me I am not the only person who does this! Today I thought I would share my plans for this space with you …clearly I need to call this room done so as to not interfere with my TV show consumption!

Now this space has undergone many changes since we purchased and rennovated our home 6 years ago. Here is what it looked like when we first moved in…

Since then I have had it arranged in several different configurations before landing on the current set-up. Things really started coming together in this room when I added bookcases on either side of our fireplace last year.

I have already blogged about what a game changer that was and you can catch up on that post here.

What’s Working

This room is almost done in my mind, but there are still a few tweaks I need to make for it to feel finished. Let’s first start with a review of the recent changes I have made to the space.

Counter Stools

When we first completed our kitchen rennovation, I bought with these counter stools from Restoration Hardware. They were a perfect fit and I loved everything about them, in particular the x-back detail and the black metal finish.

Folex Spray cleaner and wipe them down. I love these stools and would highly recommend them!

Coffee Table

We used to have a black square leather ottoman in here our Family Room. It was big and bulky, and thanks to the kids, had seen better days.

this one is similar.


The other new item is this rug. Previously we had this one, which I love, but it was the wrong size. Plus it was making me nervous to have a cream color rug in such a high traffic snack zone! So I moved it to my office and ordered a similar style in grey.

What I want to change/add

As I said, I am mostly happy with this space, but there are a few more things I would like to change in order to call this room done and check it off my list.


Our current sofa situation has become a bit of a sore spot with me. Before we purchased this sofa, we had always had slipcovered ones from Ikea and then I got it in my head that we were ready for a more “grown up” upholstered sofa.

this sofa:

I also recently purchased this sofa for a client project and I am now kinda crushing on it. The slipcover is a lovely warm grey color that I think would hide dirt pretty well.


this one for awhile:

Clora Armchair

I also love this one, even though I think it’s more statement, less comfort. I will probably lean towards the other one and use my existing faux fur to achieve a similar look and feel.

Side Table

It would also be nice to have a little side table beside the chair, just enough of a surface for a cup of tea and a plate of cookies…you know, the important things in life!

This one is simple and stylish as well…

Segera End Table

Pendant Lights

This is more of icing on the cake kinda thing, but I don’t love the pendant lights hanging over my counter. 

They are totally fine, but I picked them in a rush at the end of our renovation when I had completely run out of steam. I keep seeing pendant lights out there in blog land that catch my eye, and I have been thinking about trying to install new ones on my own…I have heard it’s not that difficult. I am drawn to the “schoolhouse” style, like this one

or a similar but WAY more affordable option:

Margaree 1-Light Schoolhouse Pendant

Here is a list of the items I mentioned in the post and a few extra items that I have saved on my Wayfair Idea board for my Family Room:

Remy Counter Stool Clair Area Rug in Gray Artezia End Table Segara End Table Clora Armchair Abequas End Table Greeley Bell Pendant Schoolhouse Pendants Louanne Lantern Pendant Chatelaine Club Chair Slipcovered Sofa Dalton Gardens Coffee Table

Time to “Let Go” and “Finish”

I know that it won’t take much to call this room done. I just need to part with the sofa and chair and then pull the trigger on the new items. The good news is that I will make some money from selling the old stuff on Craigslist and then put that towards the new items. It’s time to put my New Year’s Home Resolutions to the test and get to work! And then it will be time to move on to the other ideas that are turning on that old hamster wheel in my brain!

Did you make any resolutions for your home this year? Any habits you want to change or projects that you want to tackle? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below. If you are looking for more inspiration, follow me on Pinterest and Instagram – I hang out there and love to share ideas and decorating tips. I have been actively saving lots of dreamy interiors as well as some recipes and outfit inspiration!

Thanks for reading,

xo, Kerri

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