My Christmas Tablescape

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The holiday season is well upon us, and I couldn’t be happier about it because I love Christmas! What I don’t love as much is the busy schedule. The juggle is real these days and trying to manage the family calendar has been making my head spin! I have been plodding away at my holiday decorating and it is mostly complete, but I keep tweaking different rooms.  One room that I can officially call “done” is my dining room, and today I am excited to give you a little tour and talk about how I styled my table for Christmas.

This week, one of my favorite designer/bloggers, Emily Henderson, shared a post about creating an affordable tablescape using items from Target. It is a great article filled with useful tips and affordable inspiration. I had already styled my table for the holidays when I read her post and I was so excited to see that I had used some similar elements and followed some of her tips. The student becomes the master, lol!

Emily Henderson House Beautiful Holiday Tablescape 4

The key to styling any space is all about adding layers by using fabrics and textures.  The focal point of any dining room is always the table, so this is where I focused my attention.

The first “layer” to consider when you are styling your table is what kind of linens you are going to use. Tablecloth or runner, placemats or chargers? I personally prefer the look of a table runner, because while I like being able to see some of the table, I also crave a little color and or pattern. To me, a table runner is the best of both worlds. This year I made my table runner from some fabric I had leftover from my favorite Christmas pillows.

I couldn’t resist adding a few tassels to each corner…aren’t they cute?

I always opt for chargers when I use a table runner because they take up less real estate than a placemat, which allows you to see more of the table. I think this is a more casual look, which is very much my vibe.

I bought these vintage looking red chargers at Walmart, to add some festive color to the table and I love the pop of red!

The next “layer” to figure out when styling your dining room table is some kind of centerpiece. This is what really elevates the style of your table and adds both interest and a focal point. I decided to “shop my home” this year and pull some accessories from other rooms. I decided upon these oversize jugs and the black candelabras.

Another design tip for you is to add items that are different sizes and shapes when you are creating your centerpiece. I went for height with the jugs and tall holly branches.

Emily also advised to “choose a couple of elements and repeat them down the table” which I think I did with my accessories. I love these black candle holders, which I put on either side of the jugs, and you will see in the picture below that Emily used them as well.

In addition to my favorite candle holders, Emily used these adorable houses that she scored in the “dollar spot” section of Target. I would love to add something like this to my table!

Emily Henderson House Beautiful Holiday Tablescape 7

Again, I was thrilled to note that Emily used similar side plates in her tablescape. Hers are from the new winter Hearth and Hand Collection which I have not seen yet in person. A trip to Target is in my very near future! Hopefully things aren’t too picked over!

Emily Henderson House Beautiful Holiday Tablescape 6

I bought these napkin rings from Pier 1 a few years back, and I love the fun whimsical feeling they bring to our family table. I found these plaid and gingham napkins at Homesense and I couldn’t pick a favorite so I went with both, I think they work really nicely together!

Design is in the details, so the saying goes, and I think the little red noses on these napkin rings are just beyond cute. The plaid patterns coordinated perfectly with the runner and I just love how it all came together.

Using napkin rings sure does simplify this step in the the styling process. I took a square napkin and folded it into a triangle…I should have ironed it, but oh well!

Then I folded it into a triangle again…

Then I pulled the end throught the ring …

Fluffed it up and called it a day, easy peasy!

Another element I added were the pretty turquoise tumblers I bought for Thanksgiving. They are the same tone as the water jugs in my centerpiece, so it is more “repetition of common elements” which is pleasing to the eye. 

And there you have my dining room table, all decked out and styled for the holidays!

While my decorating focus was on the dining room table, I did also add some Christmas Elements to my console table off to the side. I used my 3 tier tray to display some cute Christmas mugs…

I put out some “dressed up” wine bottles on the other end…(our Elf “Snowy” just happened to be hanging out with the wine bottles the day I did my photos)

And in the middle I put some of my festive serving pieces in the existing black tray.

I also added some ornaments to the shelf on our chalkboard wall..

The overall effect is fun, casual and pretty darn festive! Do you like to do anything special with your dining table for Christmas?

I hope today’s post has offered you some inspiration and ideas. If you like anything you see, make sure to pin it for later! I have been adding tons of “pinspiration” to my boards, so make sure to follow me on Pinterest!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you are enjoying the holiday season so far!

xo, Kerri

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