July Re-Cap

Hello Friends,

I am writing to you from my newly painted and (almost) styled mom cave. Hopefully I will be able to share the details on this updated space very soon! Can you believe it is already August. Every summer I lament about how fast summer speeds by, I feel like a bit of a broken record. But seriously! Slow down summer!

July was a pretty epic month for us. We kicked it off with our annual July long weekend at the cabin. We had a great time at the Lake and enjoyed watching the 3rd of July fireworks celebration put on by the Big Lake Fire department. This has become an event that we share with two of our favorite families, so there are 15 of us altogether. Two traditions that have emerged are making tye dye shirts:

And enjoying a S’mores buffet while waiting for the fireworks to start – it’s fun to see the different combinations everyone comes up with! In case you missed that post, I shared some simple tips for throwing this together as well as the ingredients we use to make some non-traditional S’mores. You can click here to read more about this fun summer entertaining idea!

Next up for our family was a road trip down the California Coast. We had the best time and I am working on a post all about it, in case it is something you have ever considered doing.

We got home just in time for my husband to head off on his yearly work trip to Europe. Every summer he has to cover the airshow which alternates year to year between Paris and London. I am so jealous that he gets to visit these cities every year. But as glamorous as it sounds, it basically involves spending the days outside in crazy heat (while in a suit and tie, ack!) and then in back to back meetings. He rarely gets to spend any time seeing these actual cities. I have thought about the kids and I tagging along with him but I am hesitant about the fact that I would find myself single momming it in a huge bustling foreign city. That and the cost…eek! But one day. Next year is the Paris airshow is in June…we have talked about making that happen. We will see. While Steve was in London checking out the latest and greatest in the aerospace industry, I was home with the kids trying to wrap up the furnishing and styling of our backyard patio, which I shared in this post.

Luckily I had purchased our new outdoor dining table and bench set at the end of June and scored a cute outdoor sofa on clearance the first week of July. By the time we returned home mid-July, it was almost impossible to find outdoor stuff. Back-to-school was already on the shelves at my go-to decorating spots like World Market and Target!

Later that week my parents arrived in Vancouver and we headed back down to the Lake to enjoy another full week of Lake time. Stella was enrolled in a summer camp at her favorite spot of all time – Lang’s Horse and Pony Farm. She takes riding lessons there every summer and it is her heaven!

My sister spent the first part of the week with us, and then the next day we had our cousins from Denmark stop in for the day. They were on the last day of their vacation and were flying out of Seattle the next day. They embraced Lake life to the fullest and were in the water for 5 hours straight – no joke! We love this sweet family and wish they lived closer. Our kids don’t actually have any cousins which is kinda sad.

July was a really fun month for us filled with vacation and family time. And now August is here, which is always a busy month for us because we have 2 birthdays in the family. This sweet baby girl is turning 9

and my oldest “baby” is turning …gulp 14.

In between those special dates, Steve and I are celebrating 15 year of wedded bliss.

I am finding it hard to make time for blogging lately, but I have re-vamped my mom-cave and I can’t wait to share the reveal with you. I am almost done. The changes I have made are pretty small, but they the overall impact feels pretty major. I took my inspiration from my blog idols over at the DIY playbook. This office space gives me all the heart eyes! THis is what my office looked like before:

We are headed back down to the Lake, and it’s a long weekend here so the traffic will be fun! Tuesday morning will find me back at my desk and ready to tackle some of the upcoming projects I have planned. This is my to-do list for August:

Finish my office

Paint my front door

Decorate my bedroom

Prepare for back-to-school madness

Hope you are enjoying your summer and have some fun plans for the month of August!