Joanna Gaines is in my house!


Okay, well Joanna herself is not in my house, but thanks to my purchases from my trips to Magnolia Market and Target, I now feel like I have many touches of Joanna around my home. And that makes me pretty happy!

If you follow me on insta-stories, you know that I was pretty darn excited to go to Target on Sunday morning! On Saturday night, I was joking that it felt like Christmas eve! I imagine some people think I am cray cray for getting up at the crack of dawn Sunday morning and driving across the border to go shopping. But here’s the thing, for some very annoying reason, I cannot sleep past 6am these days. This has been going on for about 6 months now, and it is a pretty drastic shift for me as I have never been a morning person …like ever!  After fighting it for awhile, I have learned to embrace it. So the reality is that I was already up early on Sunday, and daylight savings was an added bonus and made it so much easier to get up and on the road! I usually curse daylight savings, but not this time! I was at Target by 7:15 am, which has to be some kind of record! When I found the Hearth and Hand aisle, there was already a small group of fellow Jojo lovers. They were from Canada too!  We were all so excited and it was fun to be surrounded by fellow enthusiasts! Here are a few pictures I managed to snap on my phone:

I am so glad I got there when I did, because by about 7:45, the aisle was swarmed! By that time, I had already filled my cart and moved on! The fact that  I had so thoroughly researched the collection really helped me to make my decisions quite quickly! I couldn’t believe it, but by 9:30 am I had already finished shopping, at not only Target but Trader Joe’s too! I was home and unloaded y 12:30pm.

This week I have had fun styling my Magnolia goodies and I am excited to share them with you today! I finally got all of the Halloween decor put away so I had a blank slate, which I love! We also got a new couch on the weekend, a beautiful sectional for the front living room. This new addition set off a chain of furniture moving…Steve’s favorite! Poor guy, not too many things make that guy cranky, but moving furniture is high on the list! Probably second to “assembling Ikea furniture”. Anyway, we moved a few pieces around and once I had everything configured how I wanted, I was able to give my new accessories a home! The first items I was excited to set out where these candlesticks.

I fell in love with them at Magnolia Market and knew I would love them on my mantle. At first I thought I would put them in the family room off of the kitchen, but they ended up here instead!

I haven’t bought taper candles in forever, I usually gravitate to the chunkier candles. I thought these grey ones would be pretty, but I also bought some ivory ones. I can’t decide which I like more so for now I am using both!

My favorite detail on these is the metal part on the bottom. Very industrial farmhouse!

Next was this ceramic jug and faux Magnolia flower that I also brought home with me from my Texas trip.

I haven’t quite decided where I am going to put this yet, but I am pretty sure it’s going in my bedroom.

Now onto the Hearth and Hand stuff I got from Target! First up is this cute kitchen scale:

I loved the candles and bought 5 in total, they smell soooo good!

Joanna calls this a cocoa pot, but I will probably use it for tea. I didn’t want it to be lonely, so I bought the creamer and sugar bowl to keep it company!

These few items actually inspired me to re-arrange all of the dishware in my hutch. I had been meaning to do it for awhile, and these purchases inspired me! Unfortunately inspiration struck Tuesday morning while I was trying to get my kids out the door to school. I went to put something away and the next thing you know, I am pulling everything off the shelves and moving stuff around. I had to tear myself away to get their lunches made etc. That was hard because I was on a serious roll! I decided to display mostly white dishware, mixed in with a bit of wood and glass. I love the way it looks now!

I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of this candle holder. I bought it about 10 years ago from Superstore ( for my American friends, this is a Canadian grocery store) and it is still one of my favorite pieces!

The final stop on the tour is the living room. Resting on our new linen colored couch is this cozy throw.

I love the green stitched trim!

Last but not least is this house shaped lantern. This was one of the items I knew I had to have when I was perusing the collection on line last week!

I bought 3 candles to go inside, and again, the smell is divine!

I think I may want the medium sized lantern to go beside the small one. I also regret not buying the wooden nesting houses. Isn’t it handy that we are taking a little family trip across the border this coming weekend! I may have to go back for a few things!

Thanks for reading friends!



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