Introducing Little Nest Design Shop!

Hello friends!

Today I have some exciting news… I have re-opened and re-branded my Etsy Store! Let me introduce you to Little Nest Design Shop!

In my shop you will find a curated selection of throw pillow covers. And coming soon, are my all natural, soy candles in fused with essential oils. To celebrate, I hosted a tea party/open house yesterday which was so fun! I ordered some amazing desserts from my talented friend Maile who is the owner of Pemberton Heights Pastry. For any North Vancouver locals, if you need some mouth watering cakes, pies or desserts get in touch with Maile! Her goodies are just as tasty as they are beautiful. If you give her a tray, she will arrange your order for you- she is a dessert stylist extraordinaire!

I decided it would be way more fun to co-host with another “momprenuer”, so I asked my friend Katie to join me. She is a Beauty Counter consultant, and I am a big fan of these products. Co-hosting the event with her was so fun and provided me with some much needed support!

I have had an Etsy shop for a few years now. I originally used it to sell some baby blankets and doll quilts I was passionate about making at the time. And then life got busy and my sad little shop kinda fell by the wayside! But I know that I am a “Maker” because I have a strong urge to create and I have learned that it is an integral part of who I am. I recognize that creating, design and making runs through my veins and I am excited to have finally found the perfect way to channel this energy! Throw Pillows and candles!

These are two of my favorite items to add in any space that I am decorating, so they seemed like a perfect and obvious choice for me to create!

I discovered how to make zippered cushion covers a few years ago from this tutorial. When I sewed my first zipper, I was hooked! I felt like a baby learning to walk! I immediately made cushion covers for all of the existing pillows in my home. Last summer I discovered some fabric that really inspired me, and I started sewing covers again and then had the idea to sell them.

Then life got busy and I was focusing on re-branding my website, starting my blog and growing my interior decorating business. My pillow creating took a backseat! But as I already mentioned, creating and making is in my bones and I always come back to it. I love the hands on process of creating something beautiful. So I started researching fabrics and had the idea to come up with a pillow collection and re-open my Etsy Shop!

For the past few months I was researching fabrics which was a bit of a challenge. For some reason I struggled to find fabric that was affordable and “on-brand”. I started browsing fabrics on Spoonflower. Their fabrics are beautiful and created by independent artists.

What held me up initially was the cost of the fabric and the shipping. But when I tried to look elsewhere, I couldn’t find anything else I felt as excited about. So I selected a few favorites, like this one:

And I was off to the races. I found some less expensive fabrics to compliment the patterns I chose from Spoonflower. And now I have a collection of pillow covers that compliment each other. My idea was to take the guesswork out of styling your couch or bed, and creating “pillow pairings” like a chef would do with food and wine!

Once I had my pillow collection organized, I turned to my other love – Candles! I have always been obsessed with candles because they create such warm and cozy vibe in our home. And if they smell amazing and look pretty, even better!

I also love essential oils and diffuse them all the time. The effects they have on our health and well being are undeniable. Lavender, Eucalytpus and Tea Tree are the ones I turn to most often and I knew that I wanted to incorporate them into the candles I was making. Essential oils have different therapeutic properites so I came up with three “mood specific” blends. I jokingly call these my “call to action” candles because the title of each one is the feeling that each one should evoke. There is “Be Happy”, “Be Calm” and “Be Well”.

I was burning these candles during my open house and also had them on display. They were pretty popular and everyone loved them!

Creating and making things to sell can be a little scary. You are putting a piece of your heart and soul out into the world and it can make you feel so vulernable! Hosting this open house yesterday was so fun, and the feedback I got was so positive and it made me feel pretty darn awesome!

Thank you to all of my friends that dropped by to support my new business endeavor! And thank you to my lovely and talented friend Felicia for grabbing my camera and snapping some shots of my products and set up! I was so busy hostessing that I forgot to do that!

And another thank you to Katie for co-hosting with me! Sadly I didn’t get any photos of her gorgeous set-up but you can find her here! I have been using and loving the Hydrating Foundation and Rejuvenating day cream for a few months now, and yesterday I added this best seller to my collection:

I am so excited about these new products and I will be sharing more details about each one in the coming weeks! If you want to check out my shop, you can click on this link or search “Little Nest Design Shop” on Etsy!