Hearth & Hand with Magnolia


I hope everyone had a fun Halloween! We had a great time, our neighborhood really gets into the spirit … we covered a lot of ground and collected more candy than we will ever (hopefully) eat! In today’s post I want to talk about something I am very excited about!

My two favorite worlds are about to collide and I can still hardly believe it! Joanna Gaines and Target? Someone pinch me!

While I have had the good fortune to visit Magnolia Market at the Silos two times now, I can’t imagine justifying that trip again anytime soon.

But to learn that I will have access to Magnolia Market via Target whenever I want?? It’s too good to be true!

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia will be hitting Target stores on November 5th. That’s this Sunday people! In preparation, I have spent some time combing through the collection online and wanted to share some favorite items. I wish my front entry looked like this!

The collection is full of metal, faux greenery and wood elements. The house shape is a pretty common theme across the collection.

The collection of dishes, mugs and pitchers is going to be hard for me to resist..

I am loving the vases and candle holders that I am seeing.

There are some cozy throw pillows and blankets that I can’t wait to see in person,

The Holiday items are really tempting…makes me want to pull out my tree!

Well, I think that’s enough eye-candy for this afternoon…almost as much real candy as I’ve eaten today, stupid Halloween. What are your favorite items in the collection? If you had to pick just one thing, what would it be?

In the meantime, now that Halloween is over, I can focus on displaying the goodies I brought home with me from the Silobration. Everything has been sitting in this basket since I hauled it out of my suitcase a few weeks ago!

This Friday I will share more detailed photos of my Magnolia Market finds as well as pictures from my Magnolia experience.

Thanks for reading!