Fun and Games

Good morning friends and Happy Saturday! We are almost half way through the summer, which is hard to believe. It always just flies by, doesn’t it? So far this summer my kids have had a perfect balance of downtime and summer camps. This past week we have been at our Lake cabin in Washington soaking up the sunshine and spending lots of time in the water.

When we need a break from the water, there are a few things that they/we play with and I thought I would share those with you today. As fun as summer break can be, I know sometimes us parents struggle to keep the kids entertained! For those of you who are new to my blog, I have 3 kids – Kallum (13), Sadie (10) and Stella (8).

It can be a struggle to find activities and games that are suitable for their different ages and stages. When we find something that we can all play and enjoy together, it feels like a serious #momwin! And lord knows I can use as many mom wins as possible! So without further ado, here are 4 games that we have been enjoying this summer!

I love hearing recommendations from other families, and I imagine you all do too. It was on the recommendation of my friend Julie, that we came to own this game:

1. Giant Tumbling Timbers

Or as most of us would call it, giant jenga.

This is the perfect game to play outside. As I said, my friend Julie had purchased this for her family and it was a big hit. She told me I needed this in my life, and she was right!

We have really enjoyed playing with this, and it is something that is fun for kids and adults alike. My only word of caution is that the blocks are kind of heavy and when they inevitably come tumbling down, you have to make sure the kids know to back up so they don’t get hit.

For this reason, I feel like this is more appropriate for school age kids and maybe not ideal for pre-schoolers and toddlers.

And just as much fun as giant jenga…

2.Giant Wooden Drop 4

Or as most of us call it – giant connect 4! I am not sure why the giant version of this game is so much more fun, but it just is!

We played with something similar at the legoland hotel, so when I was ordering the Giant Jenga, I searched this out as well. I was pleasantly surprised to see this game in person, as it is all wood and really lovely quality.

3.Settlers of Catan

I know this game has been around forever and it is really popular, but it is new to us. My kids really love it, and have spent hours playing it this past week. My son used his own money to buy an “expansion pack” so that more kids can play. So there you have it, when the teenager is going to bust out his own money, you know it’s good! If you are like us and haven’t yet tried this game, I highly recommend it. I was worried that it would be too complicated for my 8 year old, but it seems to work out.

4.Laser Tag

This is something that we purchased towards the end of last summer and it was a huge hit. I purchased it for my son for his 13th birthday and I was a bit worried about it. It was an expensive set and I thought it might not function very well, or that he would be too old for it. Both of those things proved untrue. So much so, that I have purchased some additional sets this summer so that more kids can play! These work best later in the evening when it’s getting dark because of the light-up function. Each player has a vest and a gun and our kids just run around shooting each other and have the best time.

I snapped the above picture on my phone, Kallum and his buddy were “out” so they were sitting and chatting until the next round. All 3 of my kids and any kids we have had visit us at our cabin just love playing with this laser tag set. Another #momwin!

So there you have it, our latest favorite games. They really do enhance our family time together and it’s even better that we can enjoy them out in the beautiful sunshine. I can’t believe we only have one month of this left!

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer!