Fun and Functional Kids Bathroom

This probably sounds weird, but one of my favorite rooms in our home is the kid’s bathroom.

We bought our current home four and a half years ago and it was a total fixer upper. Little did I know that my favorite HGTV show Fixer Upper was airing it’s first season right around that time! We completely renovated our current house from top to bottom, which was a dream come true for a design obsessed gal like me! We bought this house and had about 6 weeks before taking possession of it and the  number of hours I logged on Pinterest and Houzz during that time was staggering. When I was coming up with the design plan for the kids bathroom I came across this picture on Pinterest and it gave me all kinds of heart eyes! Inspiration found. I replicated so many elements of this photo in my kids bathroom-the beadboard, the wall color and most importantly…the sink!

Meet the Kohler Brockway ladies and gentleman. Once I saw this picture, I knew this sink had to be mine! It was very pricey and totally blew the budget for the kids bathroom, but I loved it so much! Because of the cost of the sink,  I had to be frugal with everything else for the bathroom. But this sink is for sure the statement piece in the bathroom and was worth every penny!

Not only is this sink a showstopper, but it is very functional for a family with multiple kids. It is big enough to accommodate two kids washing up at the same time. I think you could even bath a baby in this thing, but sadly that stage is long gone for us! What I most love about this sink is that the kids play at it. My girls and their friends have used this sink to wash and bathe numerous My Little Pony’s and Playmobile figurines. This was the case yesterday with Stella and her friend Sam, they had the best time playing in the sink!

I wish I had taken more “before” pictures of the house when we first bought it. Little did I know that I would one day want to blog about it! All I have are some blurry, very poor quality iphone pictures to show you, but at least you get a sense from what we were working with. One of the biggest and most functional changes I made to this bathroom was to frame in the toilet area and create a “water closet”. The reason I did this was so that in theory, all 3 kids could be using the bathroom at the same time. We could have one kid on the toilet, another in the tub and a third brushing their teeth…highly efficient! The kids are older now, so they don’t tend to be in the space at the same time very much, but we do often have someone going to the bathroom while another is at the sink. In order to accommodate the water closet and the trough sink, we had to take out a tiny linen closet, which is why you can see through the wall in the photo below.

Here is a picture of the finished “water closet”.. quite the dramatic transformation!

One last functional aspect of this bathroom I want to share is that I chose a shower head that had a detachable handshower, like this one:

Having this feature in the shower makes hair washing so much easier! We also wash the dog in this tub and use this to spray her down…she is not a fan, but it makes my life so much easier!

One of my favorite things about decorating spaces for children is the excuse to be fun and whimsical. In my kids bathroom I made some pretty bold color choices, but the white bead board really helps to balance it out.  I saw these towels at Target when we were doing the reno and they just so happened to look great with the color scheme from the inspiration photo.

Aqua, orange and navy blue is a perfect combination in a room that is for both girls and boys.

I gave the space some additional style and personality by introducing some beachy decor like sea stars and shells. I found this fun “Bathroom Rules” sign at Hobby Lobby and it was perfect for the ledge shelf. If only my kids actually followed these rules!

Another fun little decorative detail in this space are these adorable sea creature shower curtain hooks. These also came from Target. So did the shower curtain.

Have I mentioned my love of Target to you guys before? Couple of times? Okay, but you can see why I can’t help myself. Their home decor is just too good and such a great deal!

So that my friends is a tour of our fun and highly functional kids bathroom! Hats off to the talented Felicia Chang for the beautiful photography!

Thanks for reading!

xo, Kerri

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