Favorite Ikea Throw Pillows

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Ikea. For me, it takes second place to Target for “Favorite Place to Shop For my Home”! A few weeks ago now, I re-launched my Etsy shop and have stocked it with beautiful handmade throw cushion covers. I then wrote a post about why I love throw pillows …if you missed out on that post you can catch up with it here!

In that post, I gave 8 reasons why I love throw pillows, and No.4 was that they are an inexpensive way to refresh/update your space, depending on where you buy them from! I mentioned that Ikea has so many great covers that I would have to dedicate a whole post to just that, so I am going to jump right into that today! I should mention that this post is not sponsored, although how much would I love to partner with Ikea?#goals

Before we get to my favorite pillow covers, I have to mention that I have been extremely impressed with the “Fjadrar” cushion inserts. They come in several sizes, and for a feather insert, you can’t beat the price! I have been using them for years and am impressed with the quality and comfort of these bad boys! I recommend them to the customers of my Etsy shop.

Now onto the good stuff! The pillow covers themselves! There are TONS of cushion covers at Ikea, but here is a round up of my favorites. I will start with the ones that I have and love in my house.

1. cotton velvet

Up first is the Sanela cover. These are only $9.99 each for the 20×20 size. Even if you needed to purchase the insert, you could have a beautiful velvet pillow for under $20! What I love most about this particular color yellow is that it is really versatile and pairs well with so many cushions. It provides a sturdy solid when paired with different patterns:

I also bought the Sanela cover in a gray/green color and it is very soft and neutral.

2. Buffalo Check

I am a big fan of anything buffalo check and I love this cover! I can’t find it anywhere on Ikea.com so it is either in-store only or being discontinued. I bought mine just a little over a month ago.

3. Cable Knit

I have had these covers for years now and they are so cozy-definitely a favorite around these here parts!

4. Blue stripe

This is another favorite that I could not find on Ikea’s website but I have recently seen in store. I love the simple stripe, perfect for the couch or a bedroom as pictured here!

5. Linen-like solid

Vigdis cover. It is made from a material I am not super familiar with called Ramie. It is very similar to linen, which gives it the look and feel of a more high end pillow. Like the highbrow cousin of the cotton pillow! It comes in several different colors but the blue is my favorite.

Now onto the cushion covers that I like but don’t own…

6. Solid cotton basic

This solid cover is made of cotton and comes in many colors. It is only 4.99, what a steal!

7. Black and white stripe

I love this cool black and white stripe pillow cover. In my book, you can’t go wrong with stripes, they are always a good idea!

8. Soft like a sweater

Similar to the cable knit cover above, this one is so soft and cozy. It is a neutral and solid color but has a really interesting texture!

9. Tie-side solid

This one is a lovely solid neutral with a fun little side tie detail and some peek-a-boo stripes. Subtle details are such a nice touch!

10. Fern Leaf Print

I first saw this fern leaf print at Ikea last summer and I fell in love with it immediately! It also comes in curtains and as a chair.  I wanted to incorporate this into my home decor so badly but it just didn’t work with what I have going on, I had to let it go.

Well, that concludes my round up of favrite Ikea cushion covers. Do you own any of my favorites? Are any of them going to be on your radar for your next Ikea visit? Let me know!

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