Favorite IKEA Organizing Products

January seems to be the month that we all have organization on our minds! I don't know if it's because of the excess the holidays can bring or the blank slate of a new year, but organization seems to be on everyone's mind come Jan 1!

I love organizing and am always looking for ways to streamline our home. There are many useful products out there that can really help to corral clutter and IKEA is usually my go-to for organizing solutions. Their price point is great and availability is usually good. Today I thought I would do a round up of the IKEA organizing products I have and love.

In the Kitchen

These glass canisters with bamboo lids are a new addition to my counter and I love the way they look and function.

I have these wire bins in my pantry cupboard and I use them to store my potatoes and onions. I could think of many ways you could use these bins all over the house. The white metal and wood handle is such a stylish combination.

I recently gave my spice drawer a makeover using spice bottles from the dollar store (these ones are similar but a bit more expensive). These inserts keep them from rolling around and are a total gamechanger!

These shelf inserts are a great way to maximize space in your cupboard and I have several in the cupboard where I store our mugs, dishware and glasses.

These simple white plastic bins are so handy and we have them in several spots throughout our house. In the kitchen we use them to organize our morning essentials. We have supplements and smoothie ingredients in one and our bread in another.

Family Desk Area

The Fintorp wall organizing system is from the kitchen department of IKEA but we use it above our family desk area to contain our most used school supplies like glue sticks, pens, pencils, markers etc.

The other essential item I use to help contain the kids school and craft supplies are these clear plastic bins.

I use these same plastic bins for all of our holiday decor...I have been gradually swapping out our solid plastic bins for these so I can easily see what is inside.

The last place I love using these bins? For small toy storage...think lego and playmobil!

My Office Nook in the Living Room

When I first created this little office nook for myself, I installed some picture ledges above my desk to make the space look nice. Recently I decided to swap the ledges out for shelves to give myself some extra storage.

Now the wall space above my desk not only looks great but has given me some extra storage. I have a place to display some decorative items and then I have used these decorative boxes for some hidden storage.

I have two of the Alex drawer units as part of my desk, and a few years ago I bought some drawer inserts to help organize this space. You can read more about how I organized my small little office nook here. Unfortunately my particular storage boxes are not available but this looks like a great alternative!


I use this organizer in my bathroom cabinet for my make-up. It's called "Godmorgan" which sounds like Swedish for "good morning" to me, anyone else? I keep joking that it's only a matter of time before I become fluent in Swedish with all the shopping I do at IKEA!

Below my make up shelf, I use this lazy susan to make my products easily accessible.

In the Closet

These fabric cube bins are light weight and really handy to organize soooo many things. We use them in the kids closets to organize off-season clothing and activity related stuff like uniforms, shin guards, etc. Here they are in Stella's closet.

Well, that about does it for my favorite IKEA organizing products. If you are looking for more organizing tips and inspiration, check out my Pinterest board on home organization.

Thanks for reading,

xo Kerri