Family Room Makeover

If you know me or have been following my blog or instagram for a hot minute, this will come as no surprise to you, but I have shuffled some furniture pieces around in my house AGAIN! Today I thought I would share a few changes I made to my Family Room. I am so excited because these changes aren’t huge and didn’t cost me any money, but they have made a BIG impact on the space.

My recent Family Room Makeover was the result of a small change to our Living Room that had a ripple effect through my home. I will share the details of my Living Room space in a different post, today I wanted to share how I have updated our Family Room!

Here is how the space used to look a few weeks ago...

and here’s how it looks now…

Pretty dramatic difference am I right?


The biggest change you will notice is that I swapped out the IKEA bookcases on either side of the fireplace for the cabinets that were in the Living Room. These cabinets were used to house all of our TV components, and also were used as storage for my daughters playmobil collection, which I talked about in this post.

It didn’t look right having these cabinets in the Living Room with the changes I made to that space, but I really love these pieces and I didn’t want to part with them. The problem solving part of my brain kicked into high gear and I started thinking about where I could move them. We have a large landing space at the top of our stairs outside of our bedrooms, and I thought about putting them there, but that didn’t work. Then I realized that our Liatorp bookcases on either side of the Family Room fireplace would actually look amazing in the landing space. So I took some quick measurements and wouldn’t you know these cabinets fit on either side of the fireplace perfectly, and the bookcases were the perfect fit for the top of the stairs! I absolutely love the cabinets in their new location, the distressed finish looks great beside the white painted brick.

I managed to keep the small TV in the cabinet by the window, which isn’t the most ideal spot, but it works well for 1 or 2 people watching. Now that the Living Room is so much more functional, we don’t need to rely on this little TV as much any more, but it’s still nice to have in this space.

The main reason that I wanted the TV inside the cabinet was totally aesthetic…the fireplace wall is the focal point of the room, and I really wanted to make it balanced. Having the TV on top of the cabinet would have thrown that right out the window. So now that the TV is hidden, I have space on top of each one for our pair of mercurial glass lamps – a Target score from a few years back.

This room was lacking in accent lighting, so I love having these lamps in this space. Even with the TV in one cabinet, there is still plenty of storage and I have relocated our Costco “overflow” as well as some staging decor into the other one.

2-Mantle Art work

The other change you might have noticed is the art work. I have had a few different pieces above the fireplace over the years, but before the swap I had this “Home is With You” sign.

I still really like this sign, but when I took the bookcases out of the room, things were feeling a little bland and I knew that I needed something more colorful against the white brick. Enter these Dahlia prints that I purchased from Juniper Print Shop…

These colorful beauties were exactly what this space needed. The frames and wooden vases really help to warm things up!


I wanted to change up my pillow combo on my couch, and a way to make a room feel more cohesive is to pull some colors out of your artwork. In this case I was drawn to green and pinky coral. I had these sage green cushion covers in storage so I pulled them out and paired them with my Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie pillows.

I love the way these pillows look together, and they are the perfect amount of color and texture. I again opted for balance with the same pillow pairings on either side.

Most importantly, they are Lucy approved…

I am sure my husband won’t believe me when I say this, but I really think I am satisfied with this room layout now. I think this is such a beautiful and functional space…and it is also family and pet friendly!

The best thing is that this transformation didn’t cost anything, it was just a matter of moving around some furniture and accessories, which feels pretty dang good!

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Thanks so much for following along on my adventures in decorating!

xo, Kerri

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