Decorating Tips – Be a Copy Cat

Hello friends,

Raise your hand if you are of an age where you remember life before Social Media, Houzz and Pinterest….anyone? I vividly remember the olden days when I relied on books, magazines and catalogues as my sole source of inspiration for home decor and fashion.

I used to rip out pictures and keep them in a binder…am I dating myself or what? I still love magazines, catalogues and pretty books, as a matter of fact nothing makes me happier than a new Pottery Barn catalogue to browse through…I joke that it’s like my porn! But thanks to this wild and crazy (and sometimes downright overwhelming) digital age that we live in, we have no shortage of places to seek out inspiration.

It’s safe to say that I spend an obscene amount a great deal of time online reading blog posts, pinning inspiration to my Pinterest Boards and scrolling my favorite accounts on instagram. Pretty pictures make me happy! But more than that, whenever I face a design dilema, I turn to the wonderful world of Pinterest and usually come up with a plan pretty quickly!

Today I thought I would share a piece of decorating advice with you that sounds a little funny…be a copy cat!

Today I thought I would share a few examples of how I have done this in my own home. When we were rennovating our home 6 years ago, I stumbled across this image of a kid’s bathroom on Pinterest that captured my heart…

I loved it immediately and copied it to my pinterest board and phone. When designing my kids bathroom, I worked with our contractor to completely replicate the main elements of this room. The beadboard wainsotting, the wall color and my favorite element…the trough sink. Here is a picture of my kids bathroom:

This ended up being one of my favorite rooms in our whole rennovation and having the photo to work with made the design process so easy.  The teal painted bottom of the sink was the main jumping off point and the rest of the details came fairly easily.

Of course we made it our own, and instead of rubber ducks, we went with orange fishies…

Our rennovation days are long behind us, but I am still continually styling and re-styling our home. A more recent example of how I gathered inspiration from an online source is on my kitchen shelf. One of my favorite decorating blogs is the DIY Playbook. I have been following Bridget and Casey for years now, I even got to meet up with them for drinks when I visited Chicago a few years back. I just love these ladies!

image via

She wrote a post all about how to style open shelves in a kitchen, which you can read by clicking here. When I read this post, my fingers couldn’t pin the pictures to my Pinterest account fast enough! I loved everything about the way Bridget styled these babies! I only have one tiny little open shelf in my kitchen, but I love playing around with it and styling it in different ways. When I read this post, I had a million ideas of how I could introduce similar elements to my shelf, especially because I already had simlilar items on hand! For example, I loved this picture…

image via

…and I tought to myself, “I have the same cookbook and a wooden bowl”! So I copied this on my own shelf!

I gathered inspiration and used some similar elements like the cookbooks, the letterboard and plants and used them to create this look:

Open Kitchen Shelf

The black and white canister caught my eye while I was at Pier 1 and I knew it would look great on my shelf!

And as an added bonus, it was on clearance!

So if you see an image you like, don’t be shy about trying to replicate it in your home! Figure out what you like about the image and go from there. You don’t necessarily need to copy the image exactly, just find some similar shapes/colors/styles and make it your own!

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Have a wonderful weekend friends, thanks for reading!

xo, Kerri