Decorating for Halloween

Hello friends!

Halloween is almost upon us, and I wish I could say I was all set and ready to go! We are “mostly” ready, does that count?

Things have been so busy the past few weeks because of my participation in the Vancouver Fall Home show, that I was really behind in my Halloween decorating. With the help of my sister, I finally spent some time this week swapping out our Thanksgiving elements with our favorite Halloween decor items.

Better late than never right? I am happy to report that our kitchen, family room and dining room are now holiday appropriate! And even Lucy is getting into the spirit with her seasonally appropriate monster toy…

When it comes to Halloween decorating we definitely go with cute vs scary decor. We are a family of big ole’ chickens, and scary is not our jam!

Fake spiders, bones and eyeballs are about as scary as we get around here!

In year’s past, I have decorated the whole main floor for Halloween, but this year because I am so last minute, and I will be taking this stuff down so quickly, I decided to keep it simple and just focus my efforts mostly on the family room and dining room.

We are having some friends join us for dinner on Halloween night before we head out trick or treating, and that is usually where we congregate. Currently our front living room has been taken over by Stella’s playmobil and lego creations, so I am just leaving that as is. At least I have this nice photo of how it looked all decked out last year!

One of my favorite parts about decorating for holidays like Halloween and Christmas is pulling out favorite decor items that we have had for a long time. Every year when I pull them out of our bins, it’s like greeting an old friend! Like these paper mice, we have had these for years!

I love the way these look on our stairs! This is the first thing you see when you walk in our front door.

And while old things tell a story and have memories attached to them, buying new things is fun too! Here are some favorite items that I added to our collection last year and this year. In my opinion, the best place to shop for seasonal decor is Michael’s…I never leave there disappointed! Here are some of my new favorite items:

I really love these tea light holders, they add such a warm ambiance at night time but also look great during the day.

The biggest change to our Halloween decor this year is that we now have these bookcases for me to style! They, along with the mantle, are the focal point in the family room, so that is where I focus my styling efforts.

I also changed up our throw pillows a little bit, I kept the orange plaid one, and then stuck with a black/white/gray color scheme for the others.

The easiest way to add some spooky vibes to your home is to toss up some fake spider webs (or just incorporate real ones if you are bad at dusting like me, lol) and then strategically place some spiders.

I scored these fat and fuzzy spiders at Michael’s last year, and this year my sister put them on my antique books and I love the way they look!

I was really excited to find this black Volcano candle at one of my favorite stores in Mount Vernon (Ryann Michelle & Co.) which I thought would be perfect for Halloween. I thought you could only find these candles at Anthropologie, but I was wrong!

I gave the floating shelf in my kitchen a little Halloween love as well.

I found these great free printables online, which is such a cheap and cheerful way to decorate for any holiday. I got this set here.

I love the skeleton sand timer, another Michael’s score, and it is the perfect touch for the kitchen!

In the dining room, I put out our velvet bat table runner, which I have had for at least 12 years now. This is another one of those things that I am still happy to see each year when I haul out our bins of decorations.

I also love these little pumpkin lantern lights, that have also been around forever.

I still love my pumpkin succulent centerpiece, so I kept that on my buffet and then added a few things to it.

I am trying to hold off on buying any candy just yet to minimize my sugar consumption!

I am really loving the way everything has come together, and I feel ready to do some Halloween entertaining this week. Are you into scary vs. cute Halloween decor at your house?

I hope you have a safe and fun Halloween!