Decorating for Fall

Can you believe it is the end of September and we are well into Fall. The trees are starting to change color and I think they are just so beautiful!

Does anyone else feel like this past month just whizzed by at the speed of light? I am sure it’s because this particular month is always crazy in our household. Aside from the kids settling back to school and starting up their various activities (soccer, football, dance and horseback riding lessons for our kids), it just so happens to be my husband’s busiest travel time with his job and he was gone every week in September. So things have been pretty crazy around these parts! Somehow in all of the chaos, I managed to paint our front door, re-vamp our pantry and changed out our decor for the new season, which feels kinda like a miracle!

Today I wanted to share with you my approach to decorating our home for Fall and give you a little tour of our Family Room and Kitchen. This year was a little different because I now have two bookcases to decorate, and I had so much fun with that!

My goal for my Fall decor was to create a warm and cozy space in my preferred Farmhouse style and I am really happy with the result. Here is what I did to embrace the change of season…

1.Added pops of bright, warm colors

My approach to color in our home is neutral with pops of color to add visual interest and fun. Our couch, walls, rug, fireplace and bookcases are very neutral – lots of white, gray and beige – which helps to keep things balanced and calm. Mustard yellow and teal are the accent colors I use the most throughout our home.

For our Fall decor, I added navy, green and orange to the mix and I was surprised by how much I loved the result! There are still enough neutrals to keep things from looking like a pre-school classroom, but I think these colors together are so cheerful!

2.Bring elements of nature inside

When I think Fall, I think of nature. It must be the gorgeous weather, the changing leaves and those perfect October Sunny days. I like to bring elements of nature inside too. Things like these little felt acorns nestled in Spanish moss…

These wood vases with faux floral stems in my favorite color…

Incorporating animals, I have a thing for foxes and owls…

And then of course you can use real live animals…Lucy just cracks me up. She loves sitting up on this table and it looks like she is posing…

Of course we need pumpkins…

real and fake…

I love the look of a bowl of apples…so simple but colorful…

And what about some landscape pictures like this vintage paint by number…so pretty!

Or this watercolor print I made using the waterlogue app

Can you recognize which photo I used to create the print?

3. Add pattern – plaid and floral

One of the reasons I am obsessed with throw cushion covers is that I love pattern, and in my mind there just isn’t a better or safer way to incorporate it into your home decor than with throw pillows! I switched out our cushion covers with some new ones that I made from tablecloths…which sounds weird, I know.  I had orange plaid on my mind but couldn’t find what I was looking for at our local fabric store. Then I was at Homesense and came across these Fall tablecloths, and I fell in love!

I think these patterns really lend themselves to the Farmhouse style I love so much. Like a cozy flannel shirt for your couch!

Another pattern I love is on this pumpkin that we have had for years. I scored it at Target forever ago.

4. Use texture

I am a very tactile person, so I always have texture on my mind when I am decorating. Here are some of the textures that I think are cozying up the place…first of all, this chunky throw blanket, which you can see is Lucy approved!

I absolutely LOVE woven baskets and have far too many of them in our house. This straw market tote is the perfect thing to coral these pumpkins…the pom poms really compliment my Fall Color Scheme!

And another way to incorporate texture is with these velvet cushion covers from Ikea, definitely soft and cozy!

5. Create warm ambiance with lamps and candles

Nothing creates a cozy vibe like lit candles and the soft glow of a lamp at nightime!

We use this tray to coral our Chatbooks, TV remote, magazines and my favorite Anthropologie candle…I try and light it every night.

6. Words to add meaning

I love using words and text in my decorating, which is probably why I am so obsessed with my new letterboard!

I love using the word “Gather” because Fall means Thanksgiving and coming together as a family.

And when I saw the “gather here with grateful hearts” sign from Michaels, I had to have it. It was such a steal of a deal, I couldn’t resist! I may have gone overboard on using words in my Fall decor, but I love each of these items so it doesn’t bother me. We have had this cushion for years now and I love it…really speaks to my introverted side!

One last little favorite word element to share with you is this cute little sign made from scrabble pieces. I bought it a few years back at a craft fair…

And I love this picture of the girls and I…look how little they were!

I had so much fun decorating my new bookcases and also the open shelf in my kitchen.

The best part if enjoying this space with my family. Love Stella and Lucy cozied up on the couch…

So tell me, do you swap our your decor for Fall? Are you embracing this new season or are you missing summer?