Cozy Spring Decor

Here we are, the first full weekend in March and our weather forecast is calling for snow, which is so unusual for us here in Vancouver this time of year. I am fine with a bit of snow in December or January but March? Not cool mother nature, not cool.

I find February/March that funny time of year when our hearts and minds say Spring but the calendar still says Winter. We are spending a lot more time cooped up inside the house and the warmer weather still feels rather far away.  I figure if we are going to continue to be spending so much time inside for at least another month or two, I want my house to feel cozy but also channel some Spring vibes to remind me that the seasons are soon changing.

I recently made a few “Spring like” additions to our Living Room which I am really enjoying. I spend tons of time in this room, either working at my desk or  curled up on the couch with a hot cup of tea.

When I think about Spring decor, I think of softer muted colors and flowers, so that was the direction I headed with my styling. I am really loving blush pinks and coral colors combined with creams and whites…so light and and pretty! I have styled my front Living Room using 5 items that I think can help you to channel all the Spring feels while we wait for the weather outside to improve, and I’m going to share them with you today as well as links to each item.


Scented candles are my favorite things to decorate with because they look pretty and smell nice. They also give off actual heat, and if that isn’t cozy…I don’t know what is! To bring in some Spring feels, I gathered my favorite candles that had floral scents and had containers that were either floral or pink. I bought this large ceramic candle on my last visit to Target and it’s so pretty!

Buying yourself a new candle that evokes thoughts of Spring and Summer is a really budget friendly home decor pick-me-up. The majority of my candles come from Target, Anthropologie and Homesense (Homegoods). 

Cream Color Throw Blanket

A carefully selected throw blanket can add texture, color and pattern to your sofa. They also provide warmth during these colder months when all we want to do is hibernate on the couch.

Adding a light, neutral throw blanket to your sofa is an easy way to brighten things up in your Living Room or Family Room.  This knitted blanket on my sofa came from the clearance section of Pier 1.

It’s like a cable knit sweater for your lap! While my particular blanket is no longer available, I currently have this throw blanket sitting in my Amazon shopping cart…I love everything about it! IKEA also has some really lovely knit throw blankets in light neutral colors, like this one.


Ingabritta Throw


Throw pillows are always an easy thing to swap out for the seasons. As I mentioned above, I wanted to use blush pink and coral colors to make my living room feel a bit more Spring-y so this throw pillow from West Elm was perfect. I paired it with my textured cream colored pillow to keep things light and airy.

This textured pillow is a bit older and no longer available, but this one is very similar.

Faux Fur

I had this faux sheepskin on a chair in a different part of my house, but when I was playing around with cozy layers on my sofa, I threw it into the mix and then wanted to park myself on it for the rest of the day. It is so soft and cozy, but the cream color lightens up my couch even more…

I am pretty sure my faux fur either came from Homsense or IKEA, and I have owned a couple over the years. I was presently surprised to find out that you can order them on Amazon for a really decent price. This one got good reviews and was an Amazon’s choice, also available for Prime Shipping.


I don’t know about you, but I can’t visit a grocery store lately without snatching up a bunch of tulips. They are so inexpensive but just scream “Spring” to me! I especially can’t resist the soft pink or cream ones…just so pretty!

In my mind, there is no better way to give life to a room then with a bunch of fresh flowers. Tulips look really cute arranged in a pitcher or in a small white vase.

Well, there you have the 5 elements I added to my Living Room to get me in the mood for Spring, If you need me I will be right here on the couch until the warmer temps arrive!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them for me below!

Thanks so much for reading,

xo, Kerri

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