Family Friendly Formal Living Room

Hello Friends,

In my last post, I shared the details of a home office makeover I did for my clients, Geoff and Natasha.

If you missed that post you can catch up by reading about it here. 

Today I am excited to give you a tour of their stylish and family friendly Living Room!

Natasha and Geoff and their 3 adorable kiddos previously lived in a condo downtown, before they bought their beautiful home in North Vancouver. Natasha wanted my help sourcing some new pieces for her living room and to help her pull it all together. I always ask my clients how they use a particular room, which is important because I want their space to be stylish AND functional.

They already had some beautiful and functional items in this room that came with them from their condo downtown, but they wanted to get some decor up on the walls and add some new and different furniture pieces to this bright and beautiful large living space.

What we removed from the room:

Some of the pieces like their sofa and chair set (pictured above), were perfect for their new living room, but some of the other pieces were a little small…more condo sized if you will. For example, on our first visit, I fell in love with the beautiful Caitlin Wilson rug they had on the floor, but it wasn’t the right size for the room. The general rule for an area rug, I think especially in a Living Room, is the bigger the better. You want at least the feet of all of the furniture pieces to be on the rug, even if it’s just the front two legs of the sofa and chairs, etc. While the existing rug was too small for her new, much larger living room, it was so pretty that I knew we had to use it somewhere else in the house. I suggested moving it to the front entryway, which Natasha had already been considering, and that’s where it lives now. It looks beautiful and is the first thing people see when they come to the front door! Their existing coffee table, while beautiful, was also not quite the right fit for the new space so we relocated that to the basement sitting area.

What we added to the room


First up we needed a new rug and I think this one provides the perfect amount of colour and pattern for the room.

I have mentioned this before, but Wayfair is my fave place to source budget friendly yet stylish rugs. Especially when you need one that is a larger size. I think the one we went with was a 9×12.

Coffee Table

When we first met, their youngest little cutie Hudson was present for the meeting  – he had just turned 1 and was learning to walk, which meant he was pulling himself up on and toddling around the furniture. Natasha really wanted a new coffee table and we agreed that we had to be mindful of sweet little Hudson and we wanted a coffee table that was super baby friendly. I got busy sourcing round coffee tables, as sharp corners and kiddos don’t mix!

One of the most important factors to consider when it comes to selecting a coffee table is scale.  There are some general guidelines to follow when you are picking out a coffee table and this article really sums it up well. I love this graphic “cheat sheet” and it makes the rules of scale really easy to follow.

Coffee Table Size And Shape Guide

Source: Emily Henderson

Natahsa’s sofa is quite big and wide, so I was having a hard time finding a table that was both round AND the right size. After lots of searching, we ended up finding the perfect table at Muse and Merchant.

It is an oval shape, so no sharp corners but it is the right length for the sofa. It is metal, so pretty indestructible and kid friendly.

The legs are beautiful and stylish. I couldn’t be more excited about this table … it is the perfect piece for this living room!

Arm Chair

Next up on the wish list was another chair for the space, to provide more seating. The existing sofa and chair were very neutral and traditional, so we wanted to go with a statement chair, and we mulled over a few options. We decided to go with this beauty and I love it in this room!

It’s hard to tell from the picture I took, but the color is called “black indigo” and it has a hint of blue to it…it’s really subtle but striking! And then there are the brass legs….

I think this chair is bold and dramatic and the perfect modern compliment to the room. It’s also a really comfy spot to curl up and read a book or enjoy a glass of wine after those kiddos go to bed!

Console Table

There was a big wall to fill in this room, and Natasha came across this console while at a furniture sale at Moe’s.

She texted me a photo and I told her to go for it! The room is really big and having this table anchoring the far wall was a really great idea and made the space feel more cozy. It also brought in some more brass detailing and is the only wooden furniture piece in the room, which really warms up a space. As you can see, we styled it with some large white lamps and hung 2 floral prints over it.

Side Table

We wanted to add a set of side tables to the space, and these round nesting tables were perfect.