Christmas Tablescape Ideas

Christmas season is well upon us and I couldn’t be more excited about it! I love entertaining over the holidays and I always have fun creating festive tablescapes. Today I thought I would share 2 different looks I came up with for the holidays this year.

It’s amazing how the same table can look totally different depending on the accessories you use. Here is the first look I created, it’s the fancier version of the two…

I’ve said this before but it bears repeating, styling and decorating is all about the layers. This tablescape is more dressy, and therefore has lots of layers. A tablecloth and runner, a vignette in the middle  and then the place settings themselves…each of these layers works to create this beautifully styled table. This look is more suited to an adult dinner party or maybe the “grown-ups table” on Christmas day. 

In my opinion, the wow factor for any tablescape comes from the decorations in the middle of the table. The focal point in this vignette is the beautiful gold tiered stand from Pier 1.

I love the height that this provides to the middle of the table. I decorated each level with shiny Christmas ornaments and mercurial glass candle holders to provide tons of visual interest. Then there are the festive hershey kisses because, chocolate….no explanation really necessary there!

I used some faux greenery to run the length of the table and then more candles to create warmth.

I used 3 different kinds of candles to vary the shapes…I have the little red tealights, the gold votives and some taller taper candles. Candles are the most inexpensive yet impactful way to style your table. I also couldn’t resist adding my set of green mercurial glass trees.

While the centerpiece vignette is the star of the show, the place settings are definitely the supporting cast.

Again, I went with multiple layers here: the gold charger, the white dinner plate, the gold detailed napkin and then the cute appetizer plates on top. I also added both a water and wine glass to each setting. For an extra bit of fun, I placed these gold sequined stockings on top of each plate, it would be cute to tuck the cutlery into these little guys!

If you are having a dinner party, the food can also add a decorative element…this cheese board for example!

Or this gold hammered tray with some bread and humus…okay this is making me hungry!

So now that we have covered the fancy, grown-ups table, lets switch gears and check out how I created a more fun and whimsical kid-friendly tablescape.

This look is also achieved with lots of layers, but a little less of them because I wanted this table to feel more casual.

I got rid of the table cloth and went with a whimsical table runner with a Christmas string of lights pattern.

I used another tiered tray to provide height and act as a centerpiece, but this one is styled as a “hot chocolate station”.

I used the same green mercurial glass trees as the first tablescape, but added the tall red one as well and also scattered a few non-breakable ornaments.

The place settings are simplified, but still the same formula as above: charger, white plate, fun appetizer size plate and napkin.

The rudolph the red-nosed reindeer napkin rings are one of my favourite items…I picked them up a few years ago now and look forward to hauling them out every season.

I added some dishes of candy and a tray of cookies which made my kids very happy …the way to their heart is through sugar, 110 %!

Well, there you have this year’s Christmas tablescape ideas. I would love to hear your comments below! Tell me, do you prefer the more dressed up gold and glam version?

Or do you enjoy the fun and festive setting a little more?

If you have any questions about where I sourced any of the items I used, just comment or email me. For any Vancouver locals that need some help with their holiday styling, let’s chat!

Thanks for reading!

xo, Kerri

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