Budget Friendly Table Styling

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If you have been reading my blog or following me on instagram, you likely know that budget friendly decor is my jam. I strongly believe that you don’t have to break the bank to create a stylish home that refelcts your personality. Today I wanted to share with you how I styled my dining room table on a pretty modest budget.

Everything I used to style my table is from IKEA, with the exception of the table runner and placemats which are from World Market. Oh ya, and the moss in the candle holders, that’s from Michaels.

Ikea is one of my favourite budget-friendly places to shop, not only for furniture items and decor, but also for home basics. In particular, I am a big fan of Ikea dishes, glasses and table decor. It fits my Modern Farmhouse style AND my budget!

The secret to good design is all about the layers. Adding different decorative elements – think texture, color, pattern – to a space is what makes it look styled and put together, just like in fashion.

Setting a table is a great way to demonstrate this, and as I mentioned, your “layers”need not be expensive to look stylish. So here is a breakdown, layer by layer!

Table Runner

The first thing I do when I am styling my dining room table is to start with a table runner. I prefer a runner to a tablecloth because I like to see a bit of our table top and table legs.

Although as I was shooting this blog post, I realized our table really has seen better days! Maybe it’s time to rethink that, lol! Anyway, on a recent trip to World Market, I picked up this new table runner. I loved the texture and pattern, it’s really neutral but warm.


When I am creating a tablescape, I like to keep things fairly simple, and you can’t go wrong with a candle in a glass hurricane vase. A few years ago when I visited Magnolia Market, I saw this simple decorative element that I have repeated in my own home many times now…

A pillar candle nestled in a bed of moss, in a glass vase – so simple yet so pretty!

I purchased some glass vases from IKEA to create a similar look for my table, just keep an eye on the candle when it’s buring, or better yet, use flameless pillars. When it comes to centerpieces here are a few tips:

1.Things always look better in groups of 3

2. Creating “levels” by using decor in varying heights adds visual interest!

I keep a table runner and the candle holders on the table when it’s not set for mealtime. This is the first room I usually pass through every morning and this view makes me happy!


Next up, I used these water hyacnth placemats which are one of my favourite IKEA items. They look just like these ones from Pottery Barn, but for a fraction of the price! I mean seriously, look at the comparison!

This is a classic “look for less” situation! The Pottery Barn placemat is $16 each and the IKEA one is $5.99 each … that’s a no brainer for me!


Here is another example of “the look for less” and another one of my budget-friendly obsessions…these classic white dishes from IKEA:

This 18 piece set is just $24.99 which I think is a total steal. They are so similar to this line of dishes at Crate and Barrel, but for a crazy low price!

I love using white dishes because they make the perfect blank canvas for your table and allow you change up your table linens and patterns depending on the season or your mood!

I also used these cute little mint green bowls on tops of my colorful napkins – when I saw them in the store, I was smitten with both the color and the hexagon shape. They are only $4.99 each and I love the character they bring to the table, get it? (I can never resist a pun!)


One of the most important layers you can use to style your table is with your table linens – napkins, runners, table cloths.

I love adding one splash of either color or pattern when I am styling my table, and this time around I kept everything else pretty neutral and then went for these colorful floral napkins from World Market…this is another American retailer that I desperately wish would come to Canada!

I especially love the way these coordinate with the striped table runner – it’s one of my favorite combinations -you can’t go wrong with flowers and stripes! It’s a no-fail combination!



The last thing to consider when styling your table it to use some pretty glasses and/or goblets. I love the glassware selection at IKEA and fell in love with this line:

They reminded me of some similar ones that I fell in love with at Target from the Hearth and Hand line, but these ones were more in line with my budget – sometimes that exchange rate is a real killer of decorating dreams! Anyway, I think these glasses and goblets are delicate and pretty, and add a subtle detail to the tablescape.

And that’s it!

There you have the play by play of how I used Budget friendly items to style my dining room table, layer by layer!

If you have any questions or comments about today’s post, just leave me a question in the comments below, I would love to hear from you! Hope this has inspired you in some small way to add some decorative layers to your home!

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xo, Kerri

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