Another Year Older

Hello friends! Hope you are having a beautiful weekend so far! We returned home from our California road trip very late last night. Today was mostly spent doing some landscaping and cleaning in our backyard. Our outdoor renovation is complete and I couldn’t be happier. Now that the landscaping is mostly finished, it is on to the fun stuff-the styling! I can’t wait to share the reveal with you but I still have to assemble my new outdoor table and benches. I also still need to find a coffee table, but it is so hard to find outdoor stuff in the stores now. It seems like you have to buy your summer stuff by the end of June or else you are out of luck!

We had a really amazing time on our California Road trip and once I get all of my pictures edited, I will share a re-cap. It was one of my favorite vacations we have done as a family! One of the coolest parts of the trip is that it was my birthday while we were away.

I love travelling on my birthday because being in a new place doing new things is my favorite way to spend the day. This year was even more special because I share a birthday with our friend Anthony, and we just so happened to be staying with him and his family in Los Gatos, CA on our special day. Both families went to the Santa Cruz boardwalk together and it was so fun. Not that I am a huge fan of rides, but it was such a cool place to visit and the kids had a blast. Later that day we swam in a neighbor’s pool and then had a bbq. We wrapped it up with the most delicious banana cake I have ever tasted. Actually it was my first time trying a banana cake, I didn’t know that was even a thing. Because of the cream cheese frosting, it kind of reminded me of carrot cake.I thought I had died and gone to cake heaven! I have already searched and pinned some recipes on Pinterest so I can try and re-create this new-found favorite!

I used to dread birthdays and even get a little depressed when I turned another year older. Then one year I decided to make a complete attitude shift. I decided that instead of feeling bummed about being older, I would instead feel gratitude. I now chose to be grateful for all of the wonderful things in my life, but most importantly my health because I know people who are not so lucky.  I feel grateful that I can go running or attend a Barre fitness class. I feel grateful for all of the knew things I have learned with each passing day. So instead of feeling blue about getting older, I now truly celebrate every single day that I am so lucky to experience. And truth be told, I love being in my 40’s. Age really is just a number.

My birthday gift is a new lens for my camera, I can’t wait to pick it up and start practicing with it! I have lots of fun posts planned for this month, so stay tuned!