A Week at Big Lake

Hello friends! I am writing to you from our house on Big Lake in Washington. We bought this place 5 years ago now, I can’t believe how fast the time has flown! Every year I snap a photo of the kids in front of the house and it’s fun to see how much they change and grow. This is a picture of the kids at the beginning of our first summer here:

and here is a picture I snapped today:

What a crazy difference 5 years makes! We have had a fun week here, even though the weather hasn’t been great the past few days. Here are a few snapshots of what we have been up to!

Day 1 we had to get the boat in the water, luckily the boat launch is just across the lake from us.

Our kids, as well as all the kids that come to visit us, are obsessed with tubing, and thank goodness Steve doesn’t seem to mind driving them around the lake for hours on end!

We bought a few new toys for the water this year…the first is this giant floating mat. It has been a huge hit!

And the second thing was this little fiberglass boat with a 4.5-horse motor. Steve thought it would be great for fishing and teaching the kids how to drive a boat, we shall see how that goes! Kallum actually took it out as a rowboat tonight because we saw two little beavers swimming in the reeds beside us. Then a deer came down to the water’s edge at the same time….it’s like a wildlife preserve up in here!

Every year the Big Lake Fire Department puts on a huge fireworks display as a fundraiser and we have front row seats to this amazing event! Our next door neighbors had a bbq and their adorable pug, Willy, was dressed for the occasion!

We had a fire and made s’mores…I scaled back my usual buffet as we were a little down in numbers this year. I did have some pretzels on hand for my favourite slaty-sweet combo!

It was a pretty chilly night, and we were thankful for the fire!

On the 4th of July we attended our first rodeo…well, Steve has actually been to the Calgary Stampede a few times, but this was a first for the rest of us.

I was a bit conflicted about the whole thing…it was a pretty entertaining experience and the horsemanship that we saw just blew me away. I wasn’t crazy about the bucking horse event, and then when a guy got serioulsy injured and had to be taken away by ambulence, I felt pretty sick. We were also not big fans of the calf roping event…Sadie actually cried when we saw the first little baby being flung to the ground. Lets just say we would not make good farmers! And speaking of horses, Stella did an all day horse camp this week at her favourite place on earth…Lang’s Horse and Pony Farm. She rode a beautiful and spunky little horse called Salena. The kids put on a little show for the parents at the end of the week, and I am so impressed with where Stella is at. She is 100 times more brave then me. It was pretty cool to see her cantering on her horse and looking so confident and happy!

It has been a pretty relaxing week, such a perfect conclusion of a busy end of school season.

I hope your summer has started off on the right foot! We are headed back home tomorrow, but we will be down here at our Lake house every weekend until labour day!

Happy Summer Everyone!

xo, Kerri