A Room Fit for A Princess

Recently my 10 year old daughter Sadie approached me and said “Mom, I think I want to re-decorate my room!”.  Cue chorus of singing angels! Yep, this request was music to my ears! Obviously I am passionate about decorating, but in particular I love kids rooms. So in today’s post I thought I would talk about Sadie’s room as it is now and in a subsequent post I can talk about the changes we are planning for this space. So welcome to Sadie’s room as it is today:

My strategy for kids rooms is to select traditional furniture pieces that will stand the test of time and then add personality with things like bedding, curtains and wall decor. The bedrooms in our house are pretty small, so we kept the furniture in this room pretty basic-a bed, a dresser and a desk was about all we had room for.

Sadie really liked the idea of a day bed so we chose this one from Pottery Barn. It is a great piece, although as soon as we got it in the room, I felt like it was the wrong scale…ie too big…. But my girl loved it, so we just made the best of it! The dresser and desk came from Ikea.

When we moved into our current home, Sadie was 5 years old. At that time she was just about to start kindergarten, and Princesses were her jam. Oh man, hang on a minute while I get a little misty eyed thinking about 5 year old Sadie.

Okay, I have composed myself. What were we talking about? Oh right, Sadie age 5 and her love of  Princesses. When it comes to decorating a kids bedroom, I always try and let them take the “design lead” if you will. I really want my kids bedrooms to be a little haven for them, somewhere that they enjoy spending time in.

That being said, I also want their bedrooms to fit in with the style of our home and be a space that I like as well. When we moved into our current house, out of my three kids, Sadie was probably the most excited about planning what her bedroom would look like. She is very much like her mama in that way. And given her interests at the time, she really wanted a Princess theme.  I know themed rooms are kinda out, but I think Sadie’s room is a perfect example of how you can honor your kid’s requests for a theme in a “stylish way”.

I have to say, having a theme does help provide some direction in the design plan. I am not a fan at all of having any kind of licensed character swag in my home, so I selected some accents and decor that were in line with Princesses without it being too “in your face”. For example in Sadie’s room I made her the above picture of a castle that coordinated with her pink and blue color scheme. These crown hooks were a World Market find and are a great example of being on theme while not overtly Disney Princess.

Now we did include a design element that you might be surprised to know is Licensed Disney Princess…it’s the wallpaper. I came across it while searching “princess rooms” on Pinterest. I fell in love with it right away. With it’s repeating images of nature and architecture, it is a traditional French toile style.

This wallpaper is so pretty, I am going to be sad to see it go! I am pretty sure it is not going to fit in with Sadie’s new design plan. The other recognizable Disney item is this musical Belle figurine. This was actually a gift I received for my  birthday from my dear friend Geoff  when I was a teenager. Back then Beauty and the Beast was the latest Disney film and I loved it! I love that I have a daughter to pass this on to!

One of my other favorite decor items in the room is this pillow which we found at Target back when we were originally designing the room.

Somehow along the way, unicorns became popular with Sadie and we couldn’t resist hanging this unicorn head on her wall.

We also found this gold unicorn lamp that fit in perfectly!

I love this little nook we created for Sadie’s American Girl doll Isabelle…like a little tiny bedroom within a bedroom!

Here are a few tips on how to really personalize your child’s room. The first is to spell their name somewhere in the room.

Steve actually bought these letters from Pottery Barn Kids before Sadie was even born. While it was a sweet gesture, it was also kind of a power play move. At the time we hadn’t totally settled on the name Sadie. I loved the name, but I also really loved the name Rowan for a girl. Steve really wanted the name Sadie and he knew that I would not be able to resist these cute pink letters from my favorite kids store! Well played babe! The second way to really personalize your kiddo’s room is by using photos. Baby pictures, family pictures, anything that tells their story really. I actually read somewhere recently that having these types of photos on display for your kids is great for their self esteem…I guess it helps them to solidify their sense of self and belonging. We tend to take so many photos of our kids, why not display them?

My last tip for personalizing your kids bedroom is to display books that have their name in them, if possible. We received books for each of girls with their names in the title as baby gifts. How thoughtful is that?

Well this concludes the tour of Sadie’s room. I am so thankful to my talented photographer friend Felicia for capturing these beautiful photos!

Thanks for visiting! Stay tuned for our plans on how to make this room more “Tween” appropriate.

Thanks for reading!

xo, Kerri

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