2019 Year in Review

Today I thought I would share what I consider to be the 2019 highlights for my little blog and business, so let’s dive in shall we?

Wayfair Blogging Challenge

January of last year got off to a great start when Wayfair reached out and asked me to participate in a blogging challenge! To have such a huge and well known brand find my tiny little corner of the internet was super exciting for me! The topic that we were asked to write about was our Home Goals for the new year and to link to a few Wayfair items that we either had or wanted. This was an easy ask for me, because I had recently made some furniture purchases from them that I was really happy to share! First up are these stools, which I continue to love, several years after purchasing them.

The other item I had recently bought was this coffee table….as you can see, Lucy likes it too! While I always aim to make my decor kid and pet friendly, I had no idea that this would become one of her favorite napping spots!

If you are curious about that post, you can read it by clicking here.

Marie Kondo-ing

Image result for marie Kondo Netflix

“The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, took Netflix by storm with her series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”. While I watched a few episodes, I must admit that the show itself didn’t really do much for me. I can say the same about her book, I read parts of it but it just didn’t really resonate with me I guess.

I did take away a very important message from her and that is “if it doesn’t spark joy, it’s gotta go!”. I have really come to appreciate simple, uncluttered spaces in my home

While January is always a time that people crave home organization, this show seemed to really motivate people everywhere to “tidy up”. As a matter of fact, our local thrift stores were so inundated with people dropping off items that they had purged from their homes, that they stopped accepting donations for awhile!

I noticed that people started using Marie’s name as a verb which is what inspired me to create this graphic and share it on Instagram:

And guess what, it got 400 likes, which for me was the equivalent of going viral! It was my top performing post of 2019. You can see my instagram feed by clicking here.

Client Reveal #1

Last February I shared my first client reveal ever on my blog and it was a pretty big deal for me! I loved working with this family and I was so grateful to Heather for letting me share this project on my blog and social media.

Our goal was to create a family-friendly living room for Heather, her husband, 2 little boys and her adorable dog, Winston.

We focused on adding storage, durable furniture while also incorporating a play space for the kids. We tucked their toys into baskets on these bookcases…

and then we created a play space for the boys behind the sofa so it was out of sight when sitting in the living room.

If you want to read more details or get the sources for this project you can read the full blog post by clicking here.

Vimle Sofa Review

One of the occupational hazards of designing spaces for other people is that I often come across furniture and accessories that I want for myself. That was the case with the Vimle sofa I used for the project described above.

I fell in love with this sofa and ended up purchasing one for our Family Room. I wrote a post all about why I loved it, and it was my top performing post of 2019 and still continues to drive a ton of traffic to my blog.

I continue to get comments, emails and DM’s on instagram on this post, people asking questions and thanking me for my review. I even had an email from someone from Germany who wanted to buy the Vimle sofa and came across my review…how cool is that?

You read that blog post here.

Client Reveal #2

Many good things came from working with my first ‘Client Reveal” client, Heather. Not only did I purchase the Vimle sofa which was an awesome addition to our Family Room and  also drove traffic to my blog, but I met and was hired by Heather’s friend Natasha to help her with a few areas of their new home.

We focused on two areas of Natahsa’s home – her formal living room…

and their home office …

Client Reveal – Home Office

Client Reveal – Living Room

Day with Dahlia’s Photography Workshop

I have been following and fan girling Tracey Ayton for years now (check her out on instagram here). She is a super talented stylist and photographer and her work is featured in magazines and books. When I found out she was hosting a photography workshop, first at a dahlia farm, and then at her own house, I couldn’t sign up fast enough! It was an amazing day, and was for sure a highlight of 2019 for me!

I had so much fun wandering around Schoolhouse Farm in Delta and snapping pictures as fast as my fingers could manage. Of course mother nature was less than forgiving with the torrential rain, but despite that, I took some photos that I was really proud of! Overcast skies actually provide the best lighting…talk about your silver lining!

It is always so good for my creative soul to submerge myself in something I love doing, like photography. I also think it is so important to surround myself with other creative women.

Connecting with Tracey was so cool, she is such a lovely person. She will be coming to photograph my house this month as I am going to be featured on one of my favorite Interior Decorating Blogs…The DIY Playbook…stay tuned for more details on that, I am so very excited! I have been busy whipping my house into shape for the past few months and I am so looking forward to watching Tracey in action.

Family Highlight – Ginger

I have to take a moment and mention a huge change to our family…this little (but getting bigger by the day) bundle of fur…Ginger!

She joined our family on August 1st and it’s been a whirlwind ever since! She is cute as can be, but very high energy! Look at how little she used to be!

She was the same size as Lucy when we got her…

And now she outweighs Lucy by about 45 pounds!

2019 was quite a year indeed and I am looking forward to the year ahead. I have a few exciting Decorating Projects lined up and I am also looking forward to our family vacation to Maui for Spring Break. I hope you have had a wonderful holiday season, and from my family to yours I wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2020!

xo, Kerri